Warning: spoilers for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story are ahead!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been playing in theaters across the globe for a week now, and many moviegoers, whether they're longtime Star Wars fans or casual viewers looking for a fun way to spend two hours, have seen it. If you count yourself among that bunch, you know that the movie's ending leads directly into A New Hope, and there's absolutely no way there will ever be a sequel. Fortunately, just because these characters' tales are concluded doesn't mean there aren't others tales from a galaxy far, far away that won't catch your interest.

Whether you're looking to keep that Rogue One excitement going or just want more Star Wars material to tide you over until Episode VIII is released, here are the stories you should read or watch after seeing Rogue One. Full disclosure, all these entries are from the official Star Wars canon, so there won't be any tales from the Legends continuity listed.

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel

If you're looking for a story that's directly connects to Rogue One, you won't find anything more fitting than Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel. Beginning during the Clone Wars and ending only a couple years or so before Rogue One kicks off, this book's follows Galen Erso's research into kyber crystals and how to effectively control their energy purely through science. Orson Krennic, Galen's former classmate and rising star in the Republic/soon-to-be Empire, recruits Galen to join his special government project, making him believe it's for a benevolent cause, but we all know that isn't the case. As for Lyra, while she was quickly eliminated in Rogue One, she's a fully-fleshed out character in Catalyst, as we learn about her archaeological background, how perfectly she and Galen fit together and how she (and eventually Galen) slowly grew to realize that Orson and the Empire are not to be trusted. Also, near the end of the story, you find out how Saw Gerrera became the Ersos' protector.

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