New Wonder Woman Images Show Diana In Her Amazonian Suit

One of the most exciting aspects of Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman is the opportunity to see some truly otherworldly visuals. Themyscira is nothing like our own world, and as such the set and costume designs already look genuinely amazing. It's unlike anything we have ever seen in the comic book genre. A new photo from the upcoming DC solo film has hit the web, and it showcases Gal Gadot's Diana Prince wearing a beautiful Amazonian outfit. Check it out below.

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That EW photo shows Gal Gadot's Diana Prince during what appears to be her major moment of truth at towards the beginning of Wonder Woman's story. Upon learning about the carnage of World War I from Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, Diana takes it upon herself to steal the "God Killer" sword from the Themyscira armory and run off to the battlefields of Europe. It is in this moment that we see her truly become the Wonder Woman that we all know and love, and this decision will lead her to witness the worst of humanity with her own two eyes. The photo shows her wearing a beautiful, gold Amazonian suit, which (we're assuming) she will inevitably trade in for her more traditional battle garb.

The specific presence of the God Killer sword seems like a very telling aspect of the film's narrative. It's a weapon that has become iconic in the realm of DC lore for its ability to cause harm to even the toughest of beings, which in turn seems like a solid indication that Wonder Woman will face off against enemies far stronger than a simple human. After all, during the Doomsday fight in Batman V Superman, she mentions that she has killed things from other worlds; we will finally get to see that first-hand.

It's also worth noting that the sword depicted in this photo does not actually resemble the ones seen during the events of Dawn of Justice. With that in mind, we think that she will either return the God Killer to its rightful place in Themyscira or she will lose it in a major WWI battle. Slade Wilson a.k.a Deathstroke, has become legendary for his use of the iconic sword in DC comics, so we wouldn't be surprised if Joe Manganiello's version of the character eventually gets his hands on the weapon at some point in a future DCEU film.

Only time will tell how this scene will actually play out, but it's already clear that Wonder Woman looks like a beautifully shot and put-together movie. We will see for ourselves when Diana Prince's first solo film debuts in theaters on June 2, 2017. Stay tuned for more details!

Take a look at the most recent trailer for Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman for an even better look at the upcoming WWI action thriller!

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