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Why It's A Good Time For An Aquaman Movie, According To Patrick Wilson


One of the real question marks in the upcoming slate of DC Comics movies is the solo project focused on Aquaman. The unique character may seem an odd choice for a dedicated film, but one actor on board the project thinks now is the perfect time to make the movie happen. Patrick Wilson, who was recently announced as the villain in Aquaman says that now is the time to make the film because it simply couldn't have been done properly any earlier.

Ah, no. It wasn't that I didn't like Aquaman, but there weren't any movies about it. Any movies of real significance. We finally reached a point where we can match the technology with the artistic desire.

Patrick Wilson tells Good Morning America that he wasn't a big Aquaman fan growing up, not because he had any particular dislike of the character, but simply because the character wasn't used in movies. He chalks this up to the fact that technology simply wouldn't have been able to present Aquaman properly prior to now. Wilson has also said that the fact that Aquaman hasn't been done to death is one of the great things about being part of the movie now.

There's little argument that there's truth in these words. While effects technology allowed Superman to fly on TV and in the movies, even that never looked quite right. Trying to do something similar with Aquaman would likely never have worked. Even if they could have made something happen on screen, the fact is that any sort of fake "underwater" effects would need to be used a lot more often than a Superman flying scene, even if something could work in short bursts, it would never have stood up to consistent use.

Even the one Aquaman scene that we got in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice possibly leaves a little something to be desired. The footage was a bit rough but we can blame that on the fact that it was designed to look like security camera footage. Still, a movie that will, we expect, take place mostly underwater, but look like a place where people live, will be an impressive feat if and when it's accomplished.

Patrick Wilson was recently announced as the villain of Aquaman. He'll play Orm, the Ocean Master in the new film. Since Orm is traditionally not an Atlantean it would seem he'll get to spend more of his time out of the water.

We expect we'll get a taste of what's in store for the Aquaman movie when the character debuts as part of Justice League next year. Aquaman is set for release July 27, 2018.

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