2016 was a year when we needed good movies. As you probably noticed, the past 12 months have been a roller coaster ride of deaths and depression, with those two duking it out for supremacy on a nearly weekly basis.

Movies provided us with much needed escapism from these worries. And even when films were shrouded in grief, they were created with such beauty and poetry, and examined the inevitabilities of life in such a through-provoking way that you felt emboldened and all the better for having them. But what has been the cream of the crop from the point of view of this battle-weary expat? Who, it should be mentioned, over the course of the year has seen 103 movies, a handful of which he rather enjoyed. Well, to find out, just have a gander through my top 10 films of 2016 list below.

10) Rogue One

Rogue One isn't a perfect film. Far from it, in fact, as its choppy opening act takes a while to be ironed out. Its fight sequence on Jedha managed to rejuvenate spirits, but the sneak attack on Eadu felt a little flat, while the lack of Darth Vader and the eerie presence of Grand Moff Tarkin meant that going into the final forty minutes, there was a real concern that Rogue One would underwhelm.

Thank the heavens for Tony Gilroy then, who was allegedly brought on to help reshoot and restructure the final act. Obviously director Gareth Edwards deserves kudos, too, as Rogue One's deliciously gritty aesthetic and style, which was heavily inspired by a plethora of war films, meant that the film built and built all the way to its enthralling conclusion. And thanks to a little help from a returning friend, and arguably Darth Vader's greatest ever sequence, Rogue One finished at a crescendo that led seamlessly into A New Hope, and left you wanting more.

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