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As we enter the early phases of 2017, we still remember those we lost in 2016. One such figure that's particularly fresh in our memories is Star Wars actor, wordsmith, and all around awesome person, the late Carrie Fisher. Of course, our mourning as fans is nothing compared to that of those who loved her as friends and family, and the man who was Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, is one of those figures we'd assume could be counted as both. That being said, the actor used a hashtag on Twitter to memorialize his dearly departed friend, and it's a rather sweet one at that, as you'll see below:

Mayhew took to his personal Twitter feed to share #CarrieOn with the world, as his own special way of remembering Carrie after her untimely passing last week. And as one could predict, plenty of fans on the internet used the signal to show their respects for a person who not only enriched our lives through art, but also as another bright spot in the industry of show business. But that wasn't the only reason for people to celebrate the life of Carrie Fisher, as she was also a staunch advocate for mental health awareness and treatment, as she herself was diagnosed as bipolar.

Working together on every film of the original trilogy, as well as the latest installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Peter Mayhew knew Carrie Fisher as only those closest to her did. Also speaking out recently in memory of Fisher's life and times was her daughter, Scream Queens star Billie Lourd, who addressed both the passing of her mother and grandmother in an Instagram post today thanking her fans and well-wishers for their heartfelt condolences.

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HBO will be honoring Carrie Fisher, as well as her late mother, Debbie Reynolds, with the previously completed documentary Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, which airs on Saturday, January 7th at 8 PM ET. Fisher will also be seen in her last appearances on both Family Guy and Star Wars: Episode VIII, as well as in her role on the Amazon show Catastrophe, throughout the course of the year.

2017 stands to be a fresh year to progress in the spirit of Carrie Fisher, and understand each other a little better. Her passing was an extremely sad moment, particularly for those involved directly with her life, but ultimately tributes like #CarrieOn pretty much speak to the nature of the woman they're honoring. Her memory will live on throughout her many works and all the lives she touched, and she has truly become one with the living Force. May her influence be felt in an everlasting spirit of forward movement, and cutting wit.

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