Why Tom Hardy Refuses To Comment On The Recent James Bond Rumors

James Bond

While it's still not clear if there will be a new James Bond or not the next time we see the superspy, there's been a lot of talk recently about whether or not Tom Hardy could be the one to take over the role. However, one person not talking about that possibility is Tom Hardy. The actor is afraid that commenting on the role could actually impact his odds of getting it.

You know, there's a saying amongst us in the fraternity of acting, and in the fellowship of my peer group, that if you talk about it you're automatically out of the race. So I can't possibly comment on that one! If I mention it, it's gone.

Since Tom Hardy isn't talking about James Bond, we have no idea if anybody has actually spoken to him about taking over the iconic role. Even if Hardy is on a short list somewhere it doesn't necessarily mean that anybody has reached out to him yet. We've heard numerous names as strong front-runners pretty much ever since Spectre was released and Daniel Craig started making comments implying he may not be back. Hardy is only the latest. It's possible every name that we've heard is being considered. It's possible none of them are.

While Tom Hardy refused to answer The Daily Beast's question about whether or not he wants to play James Bond, we can infer from his response that the answer is yes. If he didn't want the role, he wouldn't be concerned about being taken out of the race for commenting on it. While most of the names that have been mentioned alongside James Bond, like Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, and Damian Lewis have been equally cagey, most of them have also seemed open to at least having a conversation about the role. Considering how frequently the role was turned down in the past it's remarkable how open actors today seem willing to jump into the franchise.

Of course, the first question that needs to be answered before we can really start playing James Bond roulette is the question of Daniel Craig. It's still not a certainty, at least publicly, that the actor won't be returning to play James Bond a fourth time. One would assume that the role is still his if he wants it. While it seemed it was the last thing in the world he wanted to do after the last film wrapped, more recently he has seemed more interested in returning, which could make the entire conversation moot.

It feels like it's about time to get started on a new James Bond movie, so it won't be too surprising if we hear something about the role, one way or the other very soon. Is Tom Hardy the best choice to replace Daniel Craig? Let us now what you think in the comments.

Dirk Libbey
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