What Doctor Strange's Costume Almost Looked Like

The costume that Stephen Strange wears as a sorcerer is a fairly simple one. It's a blue robe and a red cape. However, that doesn't mean that the simple looks can't see several different designs over time. One of the concept artists at Marvel Studios recently shared with the world some of his initial designs of what Doctor Strange could have looked like in the new movie.

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It's an interesting look, to say the least. Andy Park's concept design still fells like Doctor Strange, but it is still unique. While the colors that we'd expect to see in any Doctor Strange costume are there, they are otherwise quite different. The most obvious shift is the cape. In this case, it looks less like he's wearing a cape, and more like a large overcoat. It connects to his clothing like a cape up top, but then it's much more form fitting, there's also a color shift, as most of it is blue on the outside rather than the traditional red. His clothing is also much more form fitting than we eventually got, looking more like a jumpsuit than a robe.

While most of your normal comic book superhero types wear fairly form fitting outfits, because it's easier to run and jump and throw punches that way, Doctor Strange doesn't really require hat much freedom of movement. As long as he can wave his arms about he's in pretty good shape. Also, since the character gets his close from monks in Tibet, it makes some sense that they'd be more simple robes. That's much more the look that we ended up with.

It will be interesting to see, as we see more of Doctor Strange in the MCU, if anything from this design gets carried forward. The heroes' costumes have changed pretty much from one movie to the next in most cases, so there's a pretty good chance that what we see Benedict Cumberbatch wearing when we see him in Thor: Ragnarok or Avengers: Infinity War will be different that his "origin story" costume. We wouldn't be too surprised to see him shift to something different once Stephen Strange has more control over his own wardrobe. The guy was honestly pretty stylish before he went looking for enlightenment.

What do you think of this concept design? Do you prefer it to the version that we got in Doctor Strange? Let us know in the comments below.

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