New Logan Poster Will Give You Goosebumps

Of all the comic book movies that we're waiting to see over the next several years, the next one that we will see, Logan, is actually looking to be one of the most compelling. Everything about the film seems to be a departure for the genre and the new poster is just another example. It's not bright, it's not shiny. It's grim and compelling and says that this is not the Wolverine we remember.

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The most obvious thing that we see in the new poster for Logan, courtesy of Film Feed, is that our favorite mutant is covered in scars. Traditionally, Logan's healing factor prevents him from ever having scars as any injury he sustains heals on its own without leaving any. We know that in Logan, Wolverine's healing factor won't be working quite like it used to, thus the scars. Logan is also looking like a very different movie because the story looks to be a bit more grounded and dramatic, although, it's difficult to tell based on what little we've seen of the actual plot in the trailers.

We don't expect a Wolverine movie to be that different from its predecessor's however, the look in Logan's bloodshot eyes and the claws in front of his face clearly show a man who is ready to fight whatever gets in his way. The trailers that we've seen show us that both Logan and Laura, the little girl that he's protecting, will be taking no prisoners in the film.

The poster does, however, contain the most notable change in the X-Men film universe that is taking place with Logan, down at the bottom we see the film has officially been rated-R. While Deadpool was the movie that proved that comic book movies could be successful with an R-rating, Logan was reportedly planning to make this step themselves from the beginning. It's one thing for a brand new comic book character to come out with a more adult take on comic book material, it's something else to take a character that we've seen in eight previous PG-13 movies and amp up the language and violence to an adult level. The red-band version of the newest trailer shows both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart swearing, which is still a fairly odd thing to hear from these characters we've gotten to know so well.

Seeing Logan looking so much older and so scarred is another indication that this will be the last time that we see Hugh Jackman playing Wolverine in the movies. It's not at all surprising that people are wondering whether or not the character will survive the end of the film. In the end, it doesn't necessarily matter, this is the swan song one way or another.

Are you excited to see the final entry in Wolverine's story? Logan arrives in theaters March 3.

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