Aquaman Wants Nicole Kidman For A Pivotal Role

Nicole Kidman

Earlier this week came news that Ben Affleck would no longer be directing the upcoming solo Batman movie, but now it looks like Warner Bros. and DC Comics are trying to distract audiences from that depressing report with some big Aquaman moves. Earlier today we learned that the upcoming blockbuster had finally cast someone to play the iconic villain Black Manta, and now we have word that the studio is trying to rope in Nicole Kidman for a key part: Aquaman's mother.

The Hollywood Reporter has the details of this development, saying that the Australian Oscar-winner is now in talks with Warner Bros. to be a part of the Aquaman ensemble. Should she sign on, Nicole Kidman would join a cast that already includes Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Amber Heard (Mera), Willem Defoe (Dr. Vulko) and Patrick Wilson (Orm).The project would have her presumably planning Atlanna - the descendant of a royal bloodline who winds up falling in love with a lighthouse keeper. They wind up having a child together, and it's this child who grows up to become both the King of Atlantis and one of the founding Justice League members.

Is Nicole Kidman an unusual choice to play Jason Momoa's mother? Maybe. Genetically, they don't look like branches on the same tree. Kidman better resembles the land-dwelling (and sun-lacking) Earth dweller of a mom who Aquaman would come to visit from time to time, on the King Tide. Even better than that, Kidman looks like she'd really fit in alongside the Amazonians in the Wonder Woman movie hitting theaters in June... which is where she almost landed before that deal fell apart.

Why is DC hot to trot on Nicole Kidman? Not that she isn't a fantastic actress. She is. In fact, Kidman's currently promoting her work on the Oscar nominated Lion, which all of you need to watch, ASAP. Perhaps the studio just can't wait to get into bed with Chase Meridian again. Yep, I went there:

Nicole Kidman Batman Forever

Between the table read, and this flurry of recent casting, it seems like James Wan's Aquaman is well underway. Which is very good news for DC fans who have been reeling with this Affleck exodus from the Bat universe. The DCEU needs stability right now, and if they are finding it under the sea, with the King of Atlantis, then so be it.

Aquaman is shooting for an October 5, 2018 release date.

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