The Sweet Way Ben Affleck Made A Young Batman Fan’s Day

Superheroes are very real. Sure, the powers and abilities of these DC and Marvel icons might be fake, but the actors who take on these roles have a tendency to genuinely make the world a better place when the cameras stop rolling. Ben Affleck is no different in that regard. The actor recently decided to visit some sick kids at a children's hospital in Los Angeles, and the results were 100% heartwarming. Check out the photo from his visit below to see for yourself.

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We admittedly live in a relatively stressful era, but that picture should be enough to brighten up even your darkest day. Affleck did not make a show of his visit to the hospital in Los Angeles; he simply showed up and spent some time hanging out with some of his youngest fans and their families. His version of Batman might be a dark and brooding anti-hero, but it is pretty evident that Mr. Affleck takes his position as an inspiring superhero incredibly seriously. Let's just hope that he can bring this bright sense of optimism to his future outings as Bruce Wayne in the DCEU.

We're not surprised to see Ben Affleck do something like this on a day off. After all, he has become well-known for his philanthropic efforts. In fact, over the course of the last few years, he has become involved in dozens of charities, ranging from the ALS Association to the Cancer Research Insitute, and Paralyzed Veterans of America. The actor even used his newfound role as The Caped Crusader to help the conservation and protection of Bats -- whose Northern American habitats have become threatened in recent years. Ben Affleck might not be super, but he certainly is a hero.

Moments like this have become fairly common over the last few years, as actors who portray comic book icons seem to have figured out how important they are to fans. Ben Affleck is the most recent example, but actors like Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have similarly visited sick children in their own Marvel costumes to bring a little bit of happiness to an undeniably stressful time in these kids' lives. Even Robert Downey Jr. recently donned his role as Tony Stark to deliver a bionic arm to a young boy. They are little gestures, but in the long run, they mean everything to those who need them.

We will bring you more information regarding Ben Affleck's future as The Caped Crusader as more updates become available to us, so make sure to stay tuned! The actor is currently slated to make his next appearance as Gotham's favorite protector when Zack Snyder's Justice League hits theaters later this year on November 17, 2017.

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