Black Panther was introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year, and he cemented himself as one of Captain America: Civil War's most popular characters. His home country, Wakanda, however, is still rooted in mystery. First mentioned in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the African nation was briefly glimpsed in Civil War's mid-credits scene, as we saw the lab where Bucky Barnes was being put back into deep freeze, as well as the jungle area outside, which boasted an impressive panther statue. It was a nice teaser, but many MCU fans are eager for the main course.

Fortunately, 2018's Black Panther movie will primarily be set in Wakanda, allowing moviegoers to see more of what the country has to offer. We're almost an exact year away from Black Panther hitting theaters, but fortunately, Doctor Strange was released on Digital HD today, and one of its many special features included concept art of different areas of Wakanda. Let's take a look.

An Impressive City

Let's start with a metropolitan setting. As longtime comic book fans know, Wakanda is the most technologically advanced city in the Marvel comics universe, and that appears to be the same case in the MCU. So it's fitting that the biggest buildings in this image have a sleeker, almost futuristic look to them. The city isn't named, but more than likely it's the Wakandan capital, Birnin Zana.

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