The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever expanding place. Now ankle deep into Phase Three, the universe will only continue to grow through the new settings being introduced in films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Black Panther. And then there's the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, which takes audiences into crazy alien filled worlds. Its highly anticipated sequel is the next installment into the MCU, with excitement only continuing to grow with each new trailer or image. But there are plenty of questions in the air revolving around the events of the first film, and now we know how one such event will play out in Guardians 2.

CinemaBlend's own Sean O'Connell got to attend the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set visit. Chris Pratt eventually spoke to Star-Lord's exposure to the Power Stone from the first film, and how it will affect the protagonist moving forward.

It plays a certain role. His interaction with the Infinity Stone in the first movie becomes - there's a thread there that gets pulled in the second movie, like you get to know a little bit more. But yeah, that wasn't an unimportant aspect of who he is.

Now this is exciting. Rather than simply sweeping the events of Guardians of the Galaxy under the rug, Vol. 2 will directly relate to the first film's events.

With Thanos' impending entrance into to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Infinity War, all attention focused on where each Infinity Stone is currently located in the universe. Because Thanos will need to collect the stones in order to increase his power and destroy the universe, those who are in contact with each stone should probably watch their back.

guardians of the galaxy's Peter Quill

While the Guardians aren't in possession with the Power Stone (it's currently held by The Nova Corps at Xander), Star-Lord does have the distinction of being the first and only human to come in direct contact with an Infinity Stone. He very nearly died attempting to wield it, but was joined by the rest of the Guardians who helped shoulder the load. It's unclear how this exposure will affect Peter Quill moving forward, and how his human body will respond to such a force. Luckily for us, this will apparently be a plot point in Guardians 2, so we'll get the answers we're looking for.

Thanos' quest for the Infinity Stones also potentially spells disaster for a member of The Avengers. Because the android Vision was actually born through the use of the Mind Stone, which is currently attached to the hero's forehead. Many fans have been theorizing that Vision will likely perish by Thanos' hands during Infinity War, marking the first major hero death in the MCU. But in order to make this death affect the audience, Vision will have to be more heavily featured in the next Avengers movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will fly into theaters on May 5, 2017.

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