Watch Chris Pratt And The Perfect Partner Try To Pry Star Wars Secrets From Daisy Ridley

Everybody has questions about what's going on in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We're still nearly a year away and there are so many questions. It's going to be tough being Daisy Ridley for the rest of the year. Josh Gad has been slowing destroying poor Daisy with repeated questions about what's next for Star Wars. This time, he brought help, including one person who we'd think would have all the answers.

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We had assumed that Daisy Ridley had finally given in and revealed all secrets to Josh Gad following the mental browbeating she got at the hands of Dame Judi Dench last week. Either Josh Gad didn't get all the answers he wanted, or he wasn't allowed to hear them, as he amped up the interrogation this week by bringing in an entire firing line of questioners. Bryce Dallas Howard has questions, regarding footwear, of course, even J.J. Abrams has questions. Everybody has questions. Except Chris Pratt, he just wants to plug his franchises. Star Wars envy, perhaps?

If you haven't been keeping up to speed, this is the fourth episode in the social media series entitled "Josh Gad begs Daisy Ridley for answers." The two are co-stars in the upcoming Murder on the Orient Express and Gad has been taking this opportunity of working with the Force Awakens star to try and get the inside track on everything we all want to know about the new trilogy. They have been endlessly entertaining. It's clear that Ridley is having a blast filming these as well. We're pretty sure she's about to lose control and start laughing at the end after J.J. Abrams asks her if Luke has any lines in the new movie. They had to cut it there.

The most important question asked here that many people might actually have is in regards to the size of Supreme Leader Snoke. He's presented in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a massive human being, however, since he's simply being projected, it's possible, if not likely, that he's actually just a normal sized person, using the projection to make himself look much larger. Of course, since we have no idea who Snoke is or where he comes from we can't discount the idea that he's a giant entirely.

We get the feeling that Chris Pratt might be a little jealous that Daisy Ridley is getting all this attention. After all, he's in a pair of major film franchises that fans also have a lot of questions about. We could just as easily turn all of this around and start asking him how Star-Lord fits into the new Avengers movie. Of course, of all the info Pratt gives us about his movies, he doesn't tell us anything we don't already know either.

We're not sure how Josh Gad and Daisy Ridley are going to keep this up but so far with each successive video they have kept us entertained. We'll keep watching these as long as they keep making them.

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