With 17 years of adventures under its belt, the X-Men movie franchise shows no signs of slowing down. It looks like there's another entry in the main series on the way, and there are plenty of spinoffs in various stages of production to fill in the gaps. After nearly 20 years, this franchise has packed in a lot of material, but not everything was necessarily resolved properly. With the upcoming release of Logan, we've decided to look back on the storylines up until this point that have never been finished.

To clarify, this list will be going over plot threads directly started or teased in one of the main X-Men movies or Wolverine spinoffs, rather than continuity problems/inconsistencies. Which, let's be real, the X-Men franchise has A LOT of. Before going any further, we did consider putting Quicksilver and Magneto's father/son relationship on the list since that was unresolved at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse. However, since another X-Men film, reportedly called X-Men: Supernova, is on the horizon, we're holding out hope this side plot will finally be concluded. Oh, and there was also Wade Wilson's severed head at the end of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but there's no need to ever look back on that moment ever again. We have Deadpool now!

How Wolverine Got His Adamantium Claws Back

In The Wolverine's third act, Silver Samurai used his super-heated adamantium blade to cut off Wolverine's claws. They eventually grew back, but because Wolverine didn't have access to Weapon X resources, they remained in their natural, uncovered bone state for a couple years. However, in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Wolverine's claws are back to being covered in adamantium. What gives? Did Wolverine somehow find himself in another adamantium-bonding procedure while Sentinels were taking over the Earth Did Magneto use his power to coat the claws in the indestructible metal? There are plenty of theories to go around, but since the timeline has been changed, we'll never get a concrete answer.

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