What Russell Crowe Might Look Like As Cable In Deadpool 2

Although Deadpool was released over a year ago, it seems that the world entertainment world still hasn't slowed their conversation about the wild R-rated romp. With a sequel quickly announced by Fox, excitement for the future of the fourth wall breaking mercenary has only grown in the past 12 months. And no subject is as discussed as the mysterious casting for Cable. Even Russell Crowe has joined in the conversation, after his name was thrown into the mix for the time traveling mutant.

Over the weekend, Deadpool comics writer Robert Liefeld tweeted at Russell Crowe, suggesting he read for Cable in Deadpool 2. And while Crowe was insulted at the idea of actually auditioning for a role, many fans thought he might be a good fit. And now we can see what he'd look like as the character.

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Pretty awesome right?

This image comes to us from the always impressive Boss Logic. The artist frequently illustrates mock ups of comic book casting rumors, and he obviously couldn't let Russell Crowe's fictional Cable casting pass by without putting his spin on it. And all the nerds out there (myself included) are thrilled he did just that.

The above image shows Russell Crowe looking like a total badass as the X-Man Cable. In the comics, Cable is a mutant from the future with both telekinetic and telepathic abilities. However, he also has a techno-organic infection, which sees his organic material slowly turn robotic. This aspect of Cable's backstory seems to have influenced Boss Logic greatly, as the left side of Russell Crowe's face appears to have been transformed to some sort of metal material.

While Russell Crowe wasn't the first actor suggested for Cable (that goes to Keira Knightley, she has range!), he would actually be a pretty great choice for the role. To start, he has the star power that would perhaps get Deadpool newbies into theaters for the sequel. Additionally, Crowe has proven himself to play a cranky straight man in The Nice Guys, opposite Ryan Gosling and we've seen his skill in action heavy roles like Gladiator.

But Russell Crowe's possible casting as Cable in Deadpool 2 would also mean that the actor is switching comic book allegiances. He had a role in the very first installment of the DCEU, as Superman's father in Man of Steel. With the DCEU rapidly expanding and casting A-listers, they'd surely be disappointed to see one of their original stars jump ship. But since Deadpool is not apart of the MCU, perhaps it won't sting quite as much.

Would you like to see Russell Crowe as Cable in Deadpool 2, or do you have another actor in mind? Sound off in the comments below.

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