One Fantastic Four Star Who Has No Interest In Doing A Sequel

The last attempt to reboot the Fantastic Four was not a smashing success. At this point, nobody is quite sure what the future holds for the brand, but one actor from the last movie says he won't be in a Fantastic Four 2, even if there is one. Toby Kebbell, who played Doctor Doom, or something like him, seems adamant that he won't be playing the role again.

Part of the reason that Toby Kebbell immediately tells HeyUGuys that he won't be in any Fantastic Four sequel would seem to be that Doom's fate seemed pretty much sealed at the end of the last movie. Of course, with this being a comic book it's not like they couldn't find a way to bring the character back if they wanted to do so.

Tobel Kebbell as Doom in Fantastic Four

What Toby Kebbell really seems to be saying, which he has said before, is that he really doesn't like the way that Doctor Doom is limited by the fact that he's considered part of the Fantastic Four world. Kebbell would like to see Doom taking on the other members of Marvel Universe, something which is, at this point impossible, as long as Fox owns the rights to the character.

The last attempt to make the Fantastic Four was, by all accounts, a complete mess from start to finish. The film had serious issues behind the scenes that led to a far from stellar final cut of the actual movie. The movie failed both critically and commercially. A sequel was on Fox's schedule but has since been removed and we've heard nothing about the property since.

There have been rumors that Fox might seek a "joint custody" arrangement with the Fantastic Four similar to what Sony has done with Spider-Man. However, up to this point, those have only appeared to be rumors. For what it's worth Toby Kebbell seems much more interested in potentially playing Doctor Doom again if something like that actually happened. Discussion of Fantastic Four begins at the 1:35 mark.

Of course, if the members of the Fantastic Four were all willing to return, and the studio actually wanted to make another movie, they certainly could. However, it seems highly unlikely considering the cold reception the last movie received.

Toby Kebbell certainly won't be missing a Fantastic Four sequel. He plays Major Jack Chapman in Kong: Skull Island which hits theaters March 10

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