A Different Version Of Logan May Be On The Way, According To The Director

With the upcoming release of Logan, James Mangold and Hugh Jackman have officially changed the superhero game. The film is a gripping, gritty, and raw look at the inner turmoil of an R-rated character in a way that we really haven't seen before in the comic book movie genre. It's a story that wholeheartedly embraces and acknowledges shades of moral gray, but now it seems that we could soon see a version of the film in black and white -- literally. Check out a recent tweet from Mangold to see what I mean.

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If we are to take James Mangold at his word, this means that we could soon potentially see a black and white version of Logan. He doesn't necessarily make it clear whether or not this version of the story will receive a theatrical release or just a Blu-ray release, but either one would work for us. Logan is already a hard-hitting throwback to a bygone era of dark American westerns, so the black and white visual style would match the overall tone and aesthetic of the latest X-Men movie perfectly.

Hugh Jackman Logan Black And White

It's not surprising to learn that Logan could potentially receive a black and white cut, as that format has become a running theme in the film's marketing campaign. Some of the earliest glimpses that we saw of the movie came from the official Logan Instagram account, and those pictures uniformly painted a grim and gritty picture of a black and white southwest landscape.

Check out an example of one such photo below to see for yourself.

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Of course, there is one other reason why a black and white edition of Logan could potentially prove beneficial: the rating. If James Mangold ever decides that he wants to release a director's cut of the final Wolverine solo movie with even more blood and gore included, the black and white format could go a long way towards allowing him to add even more brutal carnage while enabling him to maintain the overall R-rating. It worked for Alfred Hitchcock on Psycho, and it could work here.

We will bring you all of the latest and greatest updates related to Logan as more information related to the film becomes available to us. Hugh Jackman will don his adamantium claws for the last time on March 3.

Want a better look at Hugh Jackman's final outing as Wolverine? Check out a trailer for the X-Men solo film on the next page to see the carnage and emotion for yourself!

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