New Logan Still Teases A Bloody Scene

It's hard to think of Wolverine without associating the character with blood. His unbreakable claws and animalistic nature usually don't spell good news for the enemies he leaves in his wake. So far his movies have dialed back on the gore in order to ensure a PG-13 rating, but now that's all getting thrown out the window for Logan, which has gone full R for Hugh Jackman's final stand. The trailers so far have teased the increased violence, and this new picture teases that Logan won't go through the movie unscathed himself.

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This picture comes from wponx, the Logan Instagram account, best known for framing up black and white shots teasing elements of the film. While pictures of hands, a convenience store, and a motel sign aren't the most tantalizing, the account has dropped first looks at X-23 and old Charles Xavier. Now, we've got a tease at the damage Logan will sustain throughout the film. The above picture of medicine and operation tools seems to be implying that Logan is going to need some serious patching up, something the quick-healing mutant isn't really used to.

Logan takes place several years in the future, further than even when Days of Future Past took place. Logan's healing factor has greatly diminished after all these years, with it still healing his wounds but now leaving him with nasty looking scars. Much like when it was completely taken from him in The Wolverine, Logan has to be more careful than he's every really had to be before (bullets probably don't spit out quite so easy anymore).


As to what could leave Logan in such bad shape that he would need to do some self-operating, that probably has to do Laura -- otherwise known as X-23. We know that Logan is protecting her on some kind of journey, though the reasons and the destination are still unknown. They are being hunted by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook), a cyborg with a heavily armed gang backing him up. Logan's never been very good at getting out of a fight, so taking on the super powered Pierce and his gang with a diminished healing factor presumably won't turn out very well for the former X-Man.

Details about Logan are still being kept under wraps, but the first trailer did a lot to sell fans on the somber and very personal take on the most popular X-Man. Logan is expected to hit theaters on March 3, 2017.

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