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This story contains spoilers for Logan. Stop reading now if you do NOT want to know them.


James Mangold's Logan isn't the kind of movie that gets a mid-credits scene. The ending is pretty final. And yet, we -- as a superhero-consuming culture -- have come to expect teases for movies on the horizon when we go see new films, and so, in order to include just such a treat, Logan apparently has to think outside the box. It turns out, if you pay to see Logan in a theater starting tonight, you will see a teaser for Deadpool 2. Yes, the movie that has no real cast, no release date, and only one leading man.

Ryan Reynolds reportedly stars in this scene -- not a trailer, more of a scene -- according to SlashFilm, which has the details on the scene. Citing two sources, the site says that the footage is directed by Deadpool 2 helmer David Leitch, and it plays out as such.

Seriously, stop reading now if you don't want to know what happens in the scene!

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is walking past an alley, when he sees a mugging. Upset that crime can happen in his city, Wade Wilson -- who isn't in his super suit -- runs towards a phone booth to change, a la Superman. Only, his costume change takes too long, and Wade fails to save the man being mugged. The man actually gets shot, and dies.

From here, the information gets sketchy. Either Wade, upset that he couldn't save the man, starts running off at the mouth... or, because the reports were conflicting, Stan Lee might be involved somehow, asking Wade if he's "Ryan Gosling." Hopefully that means Stan might be playing the strip club employee he played in the first movie.

As of right now, this is all a rumor, though SlashFilm seems pretty confident in the news they are reporting. And we'll know soon enough, as Logan starts screening in theaters in a few hours. As Hugh Jackman prepares to say goodbye to the hero he has played for 17 years, the future of Marvel characters at Fox are deeply connected to Deadpool, so it makes sense for the studio to drop a tease for the anticipated sequel ahead of Logan, which is tracking to be huge.

Now Deadpool 2 just needs to fill out its cast, nail down its Cable, get a proper script, pick a release date... you know, all of that fun stuff.

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