Watch Kimberly The Original Pink Ranger Interview The Power Rangers Cast

We're only a few weeks away at this point from the new Power Rangers movie, an updated adaptation of the original Might Morphin Power Rangers TV show from 1993. The young cast of the film is currently going through the gauntlet of a press junket to promote the movie, and weren't they surprised to learn that the next interviewer was a familiar face: Amy Jo Johnson, the original Pink Power Ranger. Watch generations collide in the clip below as Johnson interviews the new cast on their upcoming film.

Amy Jo Johnson debuted this video on her YouTube channel, where she explained that she would be interviewing the cast of Power Rangers for the Vancouver publication, The Daily Hive. Amy Jo Johnson was a part of the original cast of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, where she portrayed Kimberly Hart, the Pink Ranger. Cast members Dacre Montgomery (Jason/Red Ranger), Ludi Lin (Zack/Black Ranger), and the new Pink Ranger Naomi Scott immediately recognized Johnson when she entered the room, and after some heartwarming pleasantries they got down to business. It's important to note that this is only a snippet of the interview, and the full video will be posted on the Daily Hives website soon.

When she first joined Power Rangers, Amy Jo Johnson had no idea that that the show would have such a positive impact on kids, and she asked if the cast felt their film would do something similar. The cast was quick to agree, believing the lessons of the movie are essentially the same as the television show, though maybe wrapped in a darker package. Regardless, they think that kids will love the movie, and Ludi Lin referenced a sweet story where a five-year-old came up to him at a restaurant and told him that he'd been telling his friends all year how excited he was for the movie.

They also briefly discuss how the Rangers now have powers of their own, whereas the original just "drove big machines" as Johnson put it. Fans can see from the trailers that the Rangers aren't exactly defenseless outside of their suits, having increased strength and durability. They can be seen jumping across entire chasms and casually breaking sinks, which is not something most people can do.

Power Rangers is directed by Dean Israelite and follows five teenagers who are selected to be the Power Rangers, superpowered warriors meant to protect the earth and their hometown of Angel Grove from the forces of the evil Rita Repulsa. The Rangers will have to adjust to their powers and learn to work as a team in order to save the world. The film stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G, Ludi Lin, and features Bill Hader, Bryan Cranston, and Elizabeth Banks.

Power Rangers is set to debut in theaters on March 24, 2017.

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