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Andre "Logan" Hayworth and his "wife" in Get Out

Light spoilers ahead for Get Out.

While it was released a few weeks ago, it seems that the hype and acclaim for Jordan Peele's horror film Get Out still hasn't slowed. Because while Get Out was critically acclaimed and did well at theaters, it seems like more casual moviegoers are still just discovering the satirical horror movie for the first time. And with popularity and conversations for the movie only continuing in recent weeks, a new viral video craze has grown from Get Out's success. Enter the #GetOutChallenge.

Much like other viral video challenges, the Get Out Challenge revolves around social media users who recreate variations of the same video. For this challenge, we see people recreating one of the more horrifying shots of the film, where groundskeeper Walter sprints full speed at Daniel Kaluuya's Chris, before making a sharp turn right as they are about to collide. This scene is bone chilling, and warns Chris that something isn't right with the few black people in town.

Well that particular scene was the catalyst for a new viral video challenge, where people (usually black men) run full speed at the camera, before making a sudden turn. And like all videos, various accounts put their own spin on the challenge. To start, there are simple and self-explanatory versions.

But then there are more creative versions, adding jokes or reasons behind the bizarre running behavior. For instance, one version has the runner trying to pick up a lady friend, before realizing she has a boyfriend and swerving.

I'M DEAD ???????? @toofemale.s ?? TAG 5 FRIENDS ?? @reedobrown (Credit) ?? TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS

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Pretty funny, right? Turning a moment of terror into one of comedy makes for a moment of true surprise for those who have actually seen Get Out. Although videos of this caliber can probably be enjoyable for the folks that haven't seen Jordan Peele's triumphant directing debut.

But like every viral challenge video, there are sure to be quite a few failed attempts. Like when the floors you're running on are just a bit too clean and shiny.

Or maybe you haven't actually seen the movie, and your attempt at the #GetOutChallenge is a bit lazier than other versions.

running away from my problems like ??????????????? #getoutchallenge

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And the #GetOutChallenge can also inspire a few more creative means of conveyance, rather than simply running. Check out these winners.

Overall, the #GetOutChallenge is something you'll likely want to explore when you have some time to chill. There is a lot of funny people and creativity out there, and it's great that an awesome movie like Get Out is getting the attention it deserves.

Get Out is out in theaters now, starring Daniel Kaluuya (Kick Ass 2), Allison Williams (Girls), Bradley Whitford (The West Wing), and Catherine Keener (The 40 Year Old Virgin).

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