The Wolverine Trilogy Just Hit A Major Milestone Thanks To Logan

Logan Wolverine and Caliban

Going into Logan's opening weekend, anyone could have told you the film would have been a massive hit. Come to think of it, plenty of people probably did, as the odds for success couldn't have been greater. But there was an even bigger milestone at hand that analysts had completely overlooked. And now we're proud to report that the the Wolverine saga has crossed the high water mark of $1 billion, as of the latest grosses reported for Logan's still youthful run.

Deadline brought us the glorious news, as Logan's worldwide total of $263.5 million is the ultimate feather in the cap worn by Fox and Hugh Jackman over three films of varying quality. Yes, this benchmark does start with 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which managed to bring in $373 million in its total run, as well as includes The Wolverine's $414.8 million haul brought in during 2013. If those two films alone didn't prove the staying power of the character under Hugh Jackman's tenure, then the endgame for Logan will probably speak volumes, especially since it's covered most of the ground those films had in such a short time.

Now is this a record for a single comic character franchise? Certainly not, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen Iron Man cross the $1 billion mark with its third entry alone. However, considering how this result has come over almost a decade of box office results, with just as many solo entries as the Robert Downey Jr. franchise, it's still a pretty impressive feat. It's not like there was a shortage of Wolverine films, what with Hugh Jackman's character taking part in three X-Men films before the start of his standalone path. But the dedication of fans around the world has kept these films in the black, and the $1 billion that they've amassed so far is the greatest testament to how much folks love Wolverine.

The future for Wolverine, and even the X-Men franchise at large, is something that no one can really predict at this time. What we can foresee is the fact that Logan is probably going to top the grosses for all three films in the Wolverine trilogy. With the film being as good as it is, and as well received by the fans as it is, it's just another reason why Logan is a fitting end to Hugh Jackman's 17-year stint in the Fox/Marvel universe. Your move, Ryan Reynolds.

Logan is currently in theaters for your enjoyment, whether it be the first or fourth time you're embarking on the emotional journey.

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