Ryan Reynolds Can Not Stop Trolling Hugh Jackman On Social Media

One of the strongest aspects of the entire X-Men universe is the wide variety of magnetic personalities that inhabit it. No two actors embody that idea more than Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. While Deadpool and Wolverine maintain a relatively antagonistic relationship in their limited scenes together in the X-Men universe, the relationship between these two actors is far more playful. In fact, Reynolds has consistently poked fun at his fellow X-Men star on social media in recent weeks, and we simply cannot get enough of it. First, check out this picture of Jackman signing autographs while in Beijing.

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Now check out how Ryan Reynolds took his buddy down a peg.

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While Hugh Jackman is busy trying his hardest to promote Logan all over the world (and it's working, because the film has made a boatload of cash already), Ryan Reynolds has spent most of his time providing commentary on the affair. As you can see from the above photo, Jackman was recently in China to introduce the film to Beijing audiences -- and Reynolds mercilessly mocked the Logan star by calling the adoring fans "protesters." These two are Deadpool and Wolverine respectively, and their dynamic proves it.

As hilarious as this mockery is at face value, it also serves as a somber reminder that we may never actually see the proper versions of Wolverine and Deadpool meet each other on the silver screen. Sure, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman starred alongside one another during the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but the less we say about that particular film, the better. A real team-up adventure between these two icons has become one of the most highly demanded aspects of the modern superhero genre, and it's looking less and less likely that we will ever see it happen.

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Of course, all of the jokes and insults are clearly in good fun, as both of these actors have continuously championed each other's work. Earlier this year, Ryan Reynolds specifically spoke out about early footage that he had seen from Logan and immediately declared it a 2018 Oscar contender. Considering the vast amount of critical and commercial praise that Logan has received in the days since its full release, the film (and Jackman himself) might have a shot at going all the way this year. We will have to wait and see if Reynolds is right.

Logan is currently in theaters!

Although Hugh Jackman is officially stepping down from his role as Wolverine, don't expect Ryan Reynolds to stop sending barbs his way anytime soon. In fact, the recently released Deadpool 2 teaser is packed to the brim with some brilliant Logan satire. Check it out on the next page to see for yourself!

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