Harry Potter Actor Involved In Serious Head-On Car Crash

There are no small parts in the Harry Potter franchise. Between the books and the films, these characters have been around for so long that fans feel very close to them, which is why many are saddened to learn that one Harry Potter actor has been in a very serious accident. Jim Tavaré who played Tom, the proprietor of the Leaky Cauldron has been in a very serious car accident which has left him with multiple broken bones.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Jim Tavaré's wife took to the actor's Facebook page on Tuesday to let friends, family, and fans know that the actor had been in a head-on collision which had left him with a broken neck, a punctured lung, and 15 broken ribs. He was just about to go in for his first surgery following two blood transfusions. The fact that this surgery was specified as his first would seem to indicate that the expectation is that more will be needed.

Jim Tavaré as Tom in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Jim Tavaré played Tom the Barman in the third film in the harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. It was his first film role following working several years on sketch comedy programs including his own, The Jim Tavaré Show in 1999. In addition to his numerous roles in the UK he's also appeared on American television in roles on shows like Californication and Chuck.

To be clear, Jim Tavaré was actually the second actor to play Tom the Barman in the Harry Potter films. In the original Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone the role of Tom is played by Derek Deadman, he was recast in the third film for reasons unknown.

The EW story includes a picture of Jim Tavaré giving a thumbs up from a hospital bed, so the actor is at least partially conscious, though one would expect he's heavily medicated due to the pain his injuries are likely causing him. It also means that his broken neck is not so severe as to cause upper body paralysis, though it's unknown at this point what the injury might mean for his ability to walk. While his condition is clearly very serious, hopefully, his prognosis is good and full recovery is possible, however long it may take.

Many are sending well wishes and prayers via social media. The Harry Potter family is clearly a strong place and so Jim Tavaré will have lots of people pulling for him as he begins the long road ahead/

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