Why A Power Rangers And DC Crossover Needs To Happen, According To The Director

Justice League and Power Rangers Crossover

Crossovers are pretty much the hottest thing in pop culture right now. We're sure Malcolm and the Middle and Breaking Bad would even cross over if someone could figure out how to put Bryan Cranston in two places at once. One of the more interesting crossovers that has recently occurred in comics (particularly with both teams about to assemble on the silver screen for the very first time) is the fusion of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Justice League. CinemaBlend recently asked Power Rangers director Dean Israelite if such a crossover would be a good idea on the big screen, and he explained that the tonal disparity between these universes makes it a genuinely compelling idea. Israelite said:

I was really excited when I heard about the new comics that are combining them with the DC world and the Justice League. I actually think that's a phenomenal idea. ... What I think is so interesting about that is there's a real darkness and a grittiness to the DC world, and we've gone in a different direction. Of course, hopefully this movie feels edgy and raw in terms of the teenage world. But what I ultimately remember about Power Rangers is sort of this warmth and this heart and this joyousness from my childhood watching, and I think that contrast could be really interesting [on screen].

Although Power Rangers appears to be shooting for a somewhat grittier tone than the original show from the 1990s, the upcoming film still seems to maintain an incredibly lighthearted sense of fun and optimism. By contrast, the current incarnation of the DCEU has wholeheartedly embraced its darker edges. Although those concepts appear antithetical on the surface, Dean Israelite seems to think that allowing them to intermingle and influence each other could allow both franchises to go in some exciting directions.

The opportunities for storytelling are virtually endless, but the comics have already done much of the heavy lifting in that regard. Can you imagine an unholy alliance between Lord Zedd and Brainiac? Self-respecting nerds all over the world would go wild.

Justice League and the Power Rangers Lord Zedd Brainiac

A major silver screen crossover between Power Rangers and the DCEU Justice League heroes would also serve one the other primary purpose. Up until now, cinematic universes have remained relatively limited to the intellectual property of a given studio -- Marvel produces Marvel movies, DC produces DC movies, etc. By crossing over heroes from two entirely different universes and allowing them to work together in live-action, Lionsgate and Warner Bros. could set a precedent allowing different pop culture properties to cross over in the future.

Of course, at the end of the day, we will have to wait and see how Power Rangers performs when it hits theaters next week. The DCEU isn't necessarily thriving at the moment, and such a bold decision might not be what either universe needs right now. That said, if Power Rangers and DC both start to find their footing over the course of the next few years, there's no reason to assume that this can't happen. People used to think Batman and Superman would never fight on the big screen, and look where we are now.

Dean Israelite's Power Rangers will morph its way into theaters on March 24. Check out our 2017 movie premiere schedule for more information concerning all of the year's most highly anticipated film debuts!

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