How Chris Hemsworth Gets In Shape For The Thor Movies

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If you're going to be an action movie hero, half the job is properly looking the part. When your job is to look like an actual god, your job is a little bit tougher. Now Chris Hemsworth's trainer has opened up about what it takes to turn the actor into Thor. Luke Zocchi is the man responsible for making sure Chris Hemsworth has the look of the God of Thunder. To get there, it means eating a lot and working out multiple times a day. Although, Zocchi admits that Hemsworth does get to enjoy the occasional treat, saying....

We train depending once to twice a day, and then it is basically six meals a day just like clean protein and veg. He does still have a little bit of chocolate I won't lie!

Those six meals a day add up to about 3,500 calories in total, which is significantly more than the average person eats. In order to make sure all those calories get transformed into muscle, this means working out and while Hemsworth apparently hits the gym up to twice a day, Luke Zocchi tells Australian radio show Matt & Meshel that each workout is less than an hour long, so it's not quite as painful as it sounds.

According to Luke Zoochi, the workouts are all encompassing, however, Chris Hemsworth apparently tried to cheat a little bit upon discovering his new costume for Thor: Ragnarok. The outfit's lack of sleeves meant that they would need to be sure to work on the actor's arms, but Hemsworth joked that he could get away with only working on arms. According to Zocchi...

When we did the fitting for Thor 3 we [saw] the costume and it was just like [sleeveless] and he's like 'alright, all we're doing is arms and shoulders now. That's all I want to do'

It doesn't sound from hearing the trainer talk that Chris Hemsworth was able to get away with limiting his workout to arms only. We're guessing there's at least one scene in Thor: Ragnarok where Thor isn't wearing a shirt, those scenes have proven...popular with a certain subset of the fanbase, and they would be terribly disappointed if Thor didn't look good without his shirt on anymore. The arms thing does appear to be working out, however.

Chris Hemsworth has a long period where he's needing to stay in shape. He basically just wrapped Thor: Ragnarok and is now moving directly into Avengers: Infinity War and its sequel. Hopefully, he'll be able to savor his occasional chocolate for the next few months.

Dirk Libbey
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