It's far from a surprise that the recent Beauty and the Beast remake was a hit, but the size of the hit has been such that we can expect Disney to put all of their numerous live-action remakes into high gear. While I'm not against that idea on spec, the potential is very high that an overzealous company could just put every new script through a Beauty and the Beast copy/paste sequence in order to try and recreate the magic they've caught here.

Turning each successive live-action fairy tale movie into an enormous hit is certainly a possibility, but the best way to do that is not to turn every movie into a carbon copy of their previous endeavor. Seeing a beloved animated film come to life was nice, but everything that was great about Maleficent had to do with the ways that Disney tried to do new and different things. Here are the things that Disney's upcoming remakes need to do to be successful.

For the purposes of this list, we're focusing on movies that we know are currently in active development due to the announcement of a director, a screenwriter, or casting decisions. If we covered them all we'd be here for a week.

Dumbo Has To Focus on the Elephant

All of the recent news surrounding Tim Burton's Dumbo project has been around casting, specifically, around the casting of some pretty big name stars like Tom Hanks and Will Smith (who didn't pan out). If they were being cast to do the voices of animal characters that would be one thing, but as far as we can tell they're being cast to play other humans. Changing the story is fine, most people don't remember the plot of Dumbo anyway, but if you're even talking to major actors, that means you have a major "human" role in this movie and, in the end, this movie can't be about a person, it has to be about Dumbo. We're assuming that Dumbo will be a Jungle Book-esque CGI animal, but that's ok. If you can't make him the lead, you can't make The Lion King work either.

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