Wait, Jennifer Lawrence And Darren Aronofsky's New Movie Is A Horror-Thriller?

Jennifer Lawrence

Not a great deal has been known about Jennifer Lawrence's movie, mother! as the film has been shrouded in mystery. However, some of the curtain has apparently been pulled back and it appears we at least know what sort of movie mother! is. According to a new report, writer-director Darren Aronofsky is going back into the realm of his Oscar winner Black Swan and is making a horror-thriller.

Up to this point, the only thing we had to go on with mother! previously was a brief plot synopsis that said that a couple's relationship would be put to the test when uninvited guests disrupt their tranquil existence. Needless to say, that doesn't say much. While that description could certainly describe a thriller, it could just as easily describe a screwball comedy. In fact, it may be the greatest plot synopsis ever, as it appears to actually give a real feel for the movie, without actually saying anything at all. The Wrap is reporting that sources close to the project have confirmed the genre of the movie to them. This matches what Paramount's distribution chief did say about the movie during CinemaCon, promising, "thrills and chills."

While many movie directors gravitate toward different types of films, the only thing that tends to link the films of Darren Aronofsky is that it's difficult to actually link them. From Pi to The Wrestler to Noah, Aronofsky has certainly made the types of movies that stick with you, though each one does for very different reasons. While the general tone of mother! might be something close to Black Swan, as that's another film you would classify as a horror-thriller, we're guessing that the end result will still be something quite unique.

Mother! will also co-star Javier Bardem in the lead and will feature Kristen Wiig, Ed Harris, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Domhall Gleeson. The cast is certainly top notch so we're excited to see what they can all do together.

The only other thing we know about mother! at this point is its release date, which will be October 13 of this year. That drops the film right into the middle of the Oscar season which, considering the track record of both the director and the lead actress, is almost certainly no accident. Perhaps the other thing that mother! will have in common with Black Swan is Oscar nominations.

Mother! isn't the only film that Jennifer Lawrence will have out this year. She's also currently working on Red Sparrow that will see her as a Russian spy who considers becoming a double agent after following for a member of the CIA. That movie is currently slated for November, so we could see dueling Jennifer Lawrence films fighting for attention this fall.

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