Watch The Black Panther Cast And Crew Do The Get Out Challenge

Jordan Peele's Get Out wasn't just a great movie, it was also the launching point for the newest viral internet craze. Now the cast and crew of Marvel's Black Panther are getting in on the action, but they have a secret weapon. The Black Panther version of the Get Out Challenge actually includes an appearance by Daniel Kaluuya, the star of Get Out, taking his place as the target for the high-speed shenanigans. Check out the video below.

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Everybody comes at the camera so fast that it's pretty much impossible to get a good look at who is taking part in the run. What's better is Daniel Kaluuya's response to the whole thing, which he sums up nicely with two words "fuck this," and walks away. The video was posted to the Instagram of Black Panther co-star Lupita Nyong'o. She jokes in her attached hashtag's that Chris, Kaluuya's character in Get Out, finally "gets out" at the appropriate moment in this clip, something he didn't do in the film. If Chris had this same reaction to the same moment in the movie, things would likely have played out quite differently.

Black Panther's ace in the hole in doing their own Get Out video is that Daniel Kaluuya is just one of the great actors to have a role in the star-studded film, so he gets to be part of it. Lupita Nyong'o calls the role a cameo in her Instagram post, so apparently, the part isn't that big, possibly because when he was cast nobody knew just how big a star he was about to become. He's listed in the role of W'kabi, who is the head of Wakandan security in the Black Panther comics.

The viral trend was born from a sequence in Get Out where the character of Chris Washington goes into the backyard late at night to grab a cigarette, while everybody in his girlfriend's house is asleep. However, he discovers that the groundskeeper Walter is still awake when he finds Walter barreling straight at him like he's trying to win the 100-yard dash. Walter breaks off at the last second and changes direction before colliding with Chris, seemingly unaware that Chris was even standing there. It's a bizarre moment, but one that has its reasons, which you'll have to see the movie in order to discover because that's a spoiler.

The Get Out Challenge has blown up since the film's release with many people doing their own version of very focused running at a camera. It's likely not what people were expecting would be taken away from Get Out, though based on both the critical and commercial success of the movie, it would appear that everybody took the right messages from the film as well, so this is just a bit of extra fun.

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