James Gunn And Geoff Johns Attempt To Unite The Fans

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The debate between Marvel and DC comics has raged for decades, with each universe's fans digging in their heels in the insistence that their respective side is the superior world. Despite the extreme nature of the fans, insiders at Marvel and DC do not seem nearly as interested in the conflict. On that note, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn recently took to Twitter to address an argument between fans. Check out his tweet below to see what he had to say.

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James Gunn recently chimed into a good, old-fashioned DC vs. Marvel Twitter fight in an attempt to smooth things over, and keep the fans from tearing each other apart. As he very clearly pointed out in his post: there's no reason for these fans to keep fighting about the creative process of each major comic book movie studio. Marvel Studios has its process, and the DC Entertainment/Warner Bros. team-up has its own process as well. Insiders at each company enjoy and appreciate the work of their "competitors", so the constant back and forth between fans actually makes very little sense.

The Guardians of the Galaxy director capped off his tweet by mentioning DC guru Geoff Johns and calling in for reinforcements. Here's what Johns had to say on the matter:

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While they both maintain that the rivalry has gone too far, it is worth mentioning that Marvel and DC do have their respective strengths and weaknesses. In terms of critical response and financial performance, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has definitely edged out the DCEU in the last few years. That said, DC Comics has recently experienced great success with its line of DC Rebirth comics, and DC animation is second to none -- whereas Marvel has yet to nail down animation as a storytelling medium. Each company has something different and unique to offer, so it does not really work if we compare them side by side without acknowledging the nuances and unique qualities of each property.

With all of the great DC and Marvel projects on the horizon, it is a magnificent time to be a fan of either universe. Make sure to check out James Gunn's work on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when the highly anticipated Marvel sequel debuts on May 5, and look for DC's latest offering when Wonder Woman premieres later this summer on June 2.

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