What Happened To The Beast's Horns From Beauty And The Beast

The Beast scowling in Beauty and the Beast

Even though Disney's latest interpretation of Beauty and the Beast is considered "live action," obviously a lot of CGI was poured into making the enchanted castle inhabitants look unusual. However, when it came to The Beast himself, other effects were primarily used, as Dan Stevens acted out his scenes while on stilts and wearing a 40-pound suit, and his facial expressions were later recorded through motion capture. Stevens has since put his beastly days behind him, but he didn't walk away from the Beauty and the Beast production empty-handed, as he was given the horns used during filming to bring home. According to Dan Stevens:

The prosthetic guys did mount the horns on two plaques for me at the end of the production, which was nice. That's the only stuffed animal head I have in my house.

When asked if he was given anything from the Beast costume after Beauty and the Beast wrapped up, Dan Stevens gave the above answer. So if you are ever fortunate enough to go into Stevens' home, be on the lookout for some horns presumably hanging on the wall. The only thing better than the horns would have been if the prosthetic people had somehow been able to mock up an entire Beast head and given that to the actor. That would have provided the perfect opportunity for Stevens to get a leather armchair, take up smoking a pipe and enjoy a good book and glass of brandy while sitting underneath the head like he was the one responsible for this creature's demise. Okay clearly I've put way too much thought into this, but still, having those horns is certainly cool.

While Dan Stevens was appreciative of this gift from the Beauty and the Beast set, it appears that the horns were also a big hit with his wife. When asked if she's okay with the horns hanging in their home, Stevens added in his interview with Variety:

Yes. She loves horns.

Even though Beast wasn't tackled with the same all-CGI approach like the new Beauty and the Beast movie's other transformed characters were, his overall look has received varying reactions from moviegoers. Fortunately for Dan Stevens' character, he doesn't have to worry about having to live with horns anymore. Just like in the 1991 animated original, the remake ended with the spell over him and the others being broken after Belle admitted her love, and now they're all back to being regular humans. Having some horns mounted on plaques in one thing, but having them on your head isn't a great look when you're a prince in 18th century France...or any time period and location for that matter.

You can see Beauty and the Beast in theaters now, and feel free to also check out what other Disney remakes are coming up.

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