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Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman

You say you are a big Wonder Woman fan. How big? You're probably looking forward to seeing Patty Jenkins' new Wonder Woman movie in theaters when it opens on June 2. But will you see it more than once? Do you plan on seeing it once a day for the duration of its theatrical run? We might have the plan for you.

Regal Cinemas has unveiled its new Wonder Woman Ultimate Ticket, a commemorative movie ticket that will allow each purchaser the opportunity to get one ticket to one showtime on each business day during the film's initial release. The card costs $100, but this includes all formats of Wonder Woman goodness, including 3D, IMAX and 4DX. Plan to see Wonder Woman a few times? You'll instantly get your money's worth on this investment. Plus, you get to keep the commemorative Wonder Woman card, which looks like this:

Wonder Woman Ultimate ticket

Regal Cinemas' Wonder Woman Ultimate Ticket is currently on sale, and can be purchased at Regal's official site by following this link. This is a very cool keepsake for DC fans who'll finally get to see the legendary Diana Prince on the big screen in her first solo adventure. The card will be personalized, which gives it another cool and unique hook. If you are a rabid DC and DCEU fan, this is a win on every level.

Wonder Woman is the fourth movie in the still-developing DCEU, which launched with Man of Steel and continued through Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice -- the movie that introduced fans to Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. Following in the wake of the blockbuster, Patty Jenkins and Gadot will attempt to tell the origin of Diana Prince, taking audiences to Themyscira, home world of the Amazonians, while also explaining how Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) encouraged Diana to battle for our world, as well. The most recent trailer sums it up nicely:

After Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot will be right back on screen as part of the larger Justice League, where she will help Batman (Ben Affleck) recruit a team of metahumans so they can defend our planet against the forces of Steppenwolf. Need to know more about Upcoming DC Films? Click those words.

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