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Patrick Stewart's Take On The Poop Emoji, According To The Emoji Movie's T.J. Miller

Patrick Stewart's Poop Emoji

In the age of smart devices and being constantly plugged in, tons of phone-related animated movies have begun to be produced. We saw this with last year's box office success The Angry Birds Movie, and now its going to continue with the upcoming animated feature The Emoji Movie. Focusing on the lives of your phone's myriad emojis (they just keep adding them- have you seen the dragon emoji?), the film has an impressive cast of film stars attached, including the great Patrick Stewart as the best emoji of all time: the poop. Now one of his co-stars has teased what to expect from Professor X's crappy role.

The always hilarious T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley, Deadpool) is playing the protagonist of The Emoji Movie, Gene. When speaking with EW about Patrick Stewart's voice performance, Miller teased what to expect, saying:

He plays it very dry, and again and again he proves how good he is. Who expected Patrick Stewart to be a very dry, very funny poop emoji? Certainly not me.

As always, we can count of T.J. Miller for some hilarious comments during interviews. This one was full of double entendre regarding fecal matter, so what more do we want, really?

In his recent comments, T.J. Miller gave us more of an idea about Patrick Stewart's voice performance in The Emoji Movie. Despite being an emoji of human excrement, he's not going to be playing a rowdy or dirty character. Instead, the poop emoji will be played with the same class and dry wit as Stewart himself, which is sure to please his many adoring fans. The juxtaposition between the character's appearance and dry wit is sure to be a highlight of The Emoji Movie, and I can't wait.

Of course, T.J. Miller's use of the adjective dry has to be purposeful, especially since he's referring to the poop emoji. Because while he's describing the vocal performance of Patrick Stewart's character, you can't help but picture an old, dry turd every time he says the word dry. While blue humor and talk of poop and farts may not be for everyone, those of us with that sense humor will likely find these types of jokes and tricky language utterly hilarious.

After all, poop is funny! Just ask Danny Devito's Frank from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Patrick Stewart's dry poop will actually be upon us before we know it. The Emoji Movie will hit theaters on June 28th, 2017, so get ready for all the poop humor and Captain Jean-Luc Picard you can possibly wish for.

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