The Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided moviegoers with plenty of ensemble team-ups, whether it's from the first two Avengers movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies or Captain America: Civil War. Avengers: Infinity War will be a different beast. When Thanos attempts to collect the six Infinity Stones to obtain unlimited power, it will take the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and more to defeat him. It's not exaggerating to say that not only will this be the biggest Marvel movie, but one of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters in general.

Since Avengers: Infinity War will feature the largest cast of MCU characters yet, it opens new doors for team-ups that could never happen in the more conventional Marvel movies. Here are the main duos we're hoping the third Avengers flick will feature, whether these characters are together for just a couple of minutes or hang out frequently throughout the story and beyond into Avengers 4.

Iron Man And Drax

Dave Bautista has repeatedly said he wants to see Drax the Destroyer team up with Iron Man, and we're all for it! These are two of the MCU's funniest characters; Tony Stark provides the snark and quips both in and out of his armor, while Drax's inability to understand metaphors and social graces makes him entertaining to watch when he's not wielding his blades in battle. It would be great if Avengers 4 ended with the two of them grabbing drinks together, but at the very least, we need Drax and Iron Man paired up to hear some amazing banter. This is an amazing comedic opportunity for the MCU that may not come again, so the franchise needs to take advantage of it.

Moment we need to see: Drax saying, "This man is not also made out of iron!"

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