The Marvel Cinematic Universe has provided moviegoers with plenty of ensemble team-ups, whether it's from the first two Avengers movies, the Guardians of the Galaxy movies or Captain America: Civil War. Avengers: Infinity War will be a different beast. When Thanos attempts to collect the six Infinity Stones to obtain unlimited power, it will take the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and more to defeat him. It's not exaggerating to say that not only will this be the biggest Marvel movie, but one of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters in general.

Since Avengers: Infinity War will feature the largest cast of MCU characters yet, it opens new doors for team-ups that could never happen in the more conventional Marvel movies. Here are the main duos we're hoping the third Avengers flick will feature, whether these characters are together for just a couple of minutes or hang out frequently throughout the story and beyond into Avengers 4.

Drax and Iron Man

Iron Man And Drax

Dave Bautista has repeatedly said he wants to see Drax the Destroyer team up with Iron Man, and we're all for it! These are two of the MCU's funniest characters; Tony Stark provides the snark and quips both in and out of his armor, while Drax's inability to understand metaphors and social graces makes him entertaining to watch when he's not wielding his blades in battle. It would be great if Avengers 4 ended with the two of them grabbing drinks together, but at the very least, we need Drax and Iron Man paired up to hear some amazing banter. This is an amazing comedic opportunity for the MCU that may not come again, so the franchise needs to take advantage of it.

Moment we need to see: Drax saying, "This man is not also made out of iron!"

Hulk and Groot

Hulk And Groot

Late last year, Vin Diesel promised that at some point in the MCU, Hulk and Groot will fight each other. As two of the biggest powerhouses in this franchise, this would definitely be an epic brawl, but there's also been enough superhero in-fighting recently, and that's not counting Hulk going up against Hulk on Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok later this year. We'd prefer if Hulk and Groot simply fought alongside each other. By Avengers: Infinity War, we're hoping something happens that restores Groot to his size in Guardians of the Galaxy or becomes even larger, but even if that doesn't happen, the sight of Baby Groot hanging out on Hulk's shoulder would be an adorable consolation prize.

Moment we need to see: "I am Groot." "Hulk smash!" That conversation goes on for a couple minutes.

Iron Man and Doctor Strange

Iron Man And Doctor Strange

Tony Stark has met most of Earth's superheroes, but there's one he still hasn't crossed paths with: Doctor Strange. That's not too shocking since after the events of the Doctor Strange movie, Stephen Strange is primarily focused on dealing with threats to Earth that our magical or come from other realms. There's been no need for him to meet Iron Man or get involved with our world's superhero community, but that will change when Thanos comes calling on Earth. A spell caster and technological genius make for an unusual duo, but at least these two could relish in their shared arrogance, albeit decreased compared to how they were before their origin stories.

Moment we need to see: If we see anything remotely resembling the "Facial hair bros" moment from the comics, I will he a happy man. I'll also settle for a vague Sherlock Holmes reference.

Gamora and Black Widow

Gamora And Black Widow

Black Widow doesn't have any special powers, but her spy training has made her into one of the world's most dangerous individuals, and thankfully, she's now using her fighting and espionage skills for good. Similarly, Gamora was trained by Thanos to be one of the galaxy's deadliest assassins, but now she's helping the cosmos instead with the other Guardians of the Galaxy. Both women came from dark backgrounds, and yet they turned their lives around to serve the greater good. Teaming these two badass ladies would be thematically fitting.

Moment we need to see: It's nothing fancy, but having Gamora and Black Widow back-to-back, swords drawn and pistols firing, would be incredible to watch.

Spider-Man and Captain America

Spider-Man And Captain America

Spider-Man and Captain America have already met, but it was on opposing sides during Captain America: Civil War. The conflict over the Sokovia Accords didn't wrap up in a neat bow at the end of the movie, but Thanos' arrival will force Earth's heroes to put aside their differences in order to prevent the Mad Titan from becoming all-powerful. Since it's still unclear just how much longer Chris Evans will be part of this franchise, take advantage of Avengers: Infinity War and have Steve Rogers (whether he's wearing his red, white and blue uniform or not) and Peter Parker working together. The Web-Slinger needs some quality time with the Star-Spangled Avenger before it's too late.

Moment we need to see: It was neat when Spider-Man and Captain America named the places in New York where they grew up, so let's have another Big Apple bonding moment during Avengers: Infinity War. Maybe they can debate over what is the place that truly has the best slice of pizza.

Thor and Rocket Raccoon

Thor And Rocket Raccoon

Admittedly, this one is a bit of a cheat because some Avengers: Infinity War concept art released showed Thor and Rocket Raccoon fighting unknown adversaries together. That said, just because these two are near each other doesn't necessarily guarantee they'll have meaningful interaction with one another, and we definitely want that! Like Iron Man and Drax, this is a great way to have two opposing personalities clash. Thor's Asgardian demeanor against Rocket's gruff and insulting attitude will surely provide a few laughs.

Moment we need to see: Rocket making fun of Thor's long hair...well, assuming it's grown back after being trimmed off in Thor: Ragnarok.

Mantis and Vision

Mantis And Vision

This may sound like a weird pairing at first, but think about it. You have an android who's only a few years old and trying his best to fit in among humans, and you have an empathic alien who can feel emotions by touching someone. The other entries on this list revolve around how funny or exciting these characters could be together, but with Vision and Mantis, this is a good way for Avengers: Infinity War to show a quieter and reflective moment away from the chaos. It sounds strange, but perhaps these two being together can help the other grow and develop in a way that they couldn't have while with their usual allies.

Moment we need to see: Maybe Mantis' power can help awaken something within Vision to make him gain a better understanding of humanity.

Star-Lord and Spider-Man

Star-Lord And Spider-Man

Here we have two of the biggest wise-crackers in the MCU, so why not have pair them together? Peter Parker is notorious for dropping jokes while he's webbing the bad guys, and Peter Quill (hey, look at that, same first name) loves to use his mouth to either talk his way out of problems to charm the ladies. These two heroes haven't had a lot of time together in the comics, but I can't help thinking that Chris Pratt and Tom Holland could have an interesting dynamic with one another.

Moment we need to see: Star-Lord referencing something from '80s pop culture and Spider-Man not knowing what he's talking about.

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