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Hugh Jackman And Dafne Keen Had The Most Wolverine Reaction To Winning An MTV Movie Award

Recently, we all said goodbye to Hugh Jackman in his iconic performance as Wolverine. However, fans aren't quite done with him yet. Last night he and his Logan co-star won an award for their performance and they said thank you in the best possible way. Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen took home the MTV Movie and TV Award last night for Best Duo and as part of their acceptance speech, they gave fans one final look at the two of them in full berserker rage mode.

Hugh Jackman and Dafne Keen

While traditionally MTV's awards have focused on movies, this year the show went through a fairly radical shift. Not only was TV brought into the mix but in many categories movies went up against TV shows and there were no differentiated categories for gender. This first stipulation meant that the Best Duo category saw nominees from Beauty and the Beast and Get Out but also Atlanta and The Voice. In the end, however, there was really no overcoming the power of the duo of Wolverine and X-23. Those two were incredible in Logan and we can't imagine anybody else came close in the fan voting.

The acceptance speech was also a thing of beauty. Dafne Keen stole Hugh Jackman's speech notes and decided to give the speech herself, arguing that since she didn't to talk for half the film, she should at least get to say the thank yous. Eventually, she gave the cards back to Jackman, deeming the speech "boring." Seriously, this kid is ridiculously adorable.

The pose above was their wrap up moment for the speech as they thanked the fans for voting for them for the award and no better single image came from the show, with the possible exception of Millie Bobby Brown's tearful acceptance speech.

We're more than happy if this is the last image that we see of this pair together. It's a much happier image than the last scene they shared together in Logan. That shot was heartbreaking. This one makes us smile.

Of course, this also makes us hope that we are going to see Dafne Keen again down the road. Whether she continues to be part of the X-Men universe in some way or just makes other movies, this kid has some serious talent and it would be a shame if it's not put to good use.

Time will tell whether this is just the first award brought home by Logan. While it's very early in the year, and thus impossible to tell how the end of the year awards will compare Logan to everything else, it's possible that Logan is the most award-worthy comic book film yet made. Could we see one or both of these actors on award stages again? We certainly wouldn't be against it.

Dirk Libbey
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