Check Out What Bumblebee Looked Like During World War II With New Transformers 5 Poster

The fact that the new Transformers movie would have scenes during Worlds War II is something that we've known for a while. However, up until now, we've seen very little of what that era would actually look like. We have a new poster for Transformers: The Last Knight which shows a WWII era Bumblebee leading a platoon of soldiers toward a Nazi-occupied building. Check it out.

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Based on the shape of the head of this Transformer in the poster we can recognize him as Bumblebee, though he certainly looks different than we're used to seeing him. Gone is the bright yellow sports car, replaced with what looks like a bland gray color, though it's dark, so it's hard to be sure. We're going to guess that this version of Bumblebee is a military jeep. The spare tire on his back would seem to indicate that.

While the context of this image is still mostly a mystery because the Transformers: The Last Knight connection to World War II is still hazy, we do know one thing about what we see here and that's the building Bumblebee is standing in front of. The structure is the home of Winston Churchill. The film shot scenes there during production, including the swastika banners that we see here. Apparently, the story will include some sort of alternate history where the Nazis successfully invaded Britain and ended up using Churchill's home as their base of operations. Many were upset with the way the building was being used, considering the history of the man who was born there, but some of Winston Churchill's living relatives felt the outcry was unwarranted as Michael Bay has claimed that the former Prime Minister is actually one of the movie's biggest heroes.

In addition to spending time in World War II Transformers: The Last Knight will also have scenes that take place in medieval times. King Arthur and Lancelot are characters listed in the film, meaning that we'll be dealing with that fictional history as well.

The primary thing that the trailers for Transformers: The Last Knight have focused on is the fact that Optimus Prime will somehow go bad in this film and turn on the rest of his team. How all of this time jumping will relate to that is unclear. One expects there will be some information in the history of the Transformers time on Earth that will be pertinent to the modern day story.

Regardless of whether the time-hopping story makes much sense within context is mostly irrelevant as Transformers: The Last Knight is essentially guaranteed to be one of the summer's biggest movies. The recent entries in the franchise have broken the billion dollar mark thanks to massive international appeal, and there's no reason to believe that this one will not follow suit.

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