Robert Pattinson Purposefully Made Himself Look Ugly For His New Movie

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Robert Pattinson has mostly been known for playing a vampire who actually sparkles in sunlight and other overly handsome characters. However, in recent years he has taken to indie flicks, and for his new movie Good Time the actor made it very clear he didn't want to be seen as the handsome character on the big screen. In fact, he and the makeup team took great pains to make sure we all find him very unfortunate looking. Recently, Robert Pattinson revealed it's been a dream for him to not play handsome, and here's how he accomplished it for the new movie:

I always wanted to look like I've been street cast. We experimented with a few different things. You've got these pockmarks in the skin and no one recognizes you. We shot the movie on the streets of New York, and no one took a cell phone picture.

An actor as infamous as Robert Pattinson is likely beset by fans pretty consistently, but the actor said at Cannes (via Variety) that in the case of Good Time he was able to film on the streets of New York City with no one the wiser. If you've seen the first look at Good Time, the transformation is pretty astonishing.

It's a far cry from the pretty vampire look that made his career, or even the suave-looking asset manager he played in Cosmopolis. This isn't the first time Robert Pattinson went totally unrecognizable for a role, however. He lost weight and gained facial hair for Netflix's The Lost City of Z, in which he played real-life adventurer Henry Costin. For that gig, he and Charlie Hunnam went on notoriously small diets that helped to transform the way they looked.

In Good Time, Robert Pattinson is set to play Connie Nikas, a young man working to get his brother out of jail after a bank robbery goes awry. The A24 movie looks pretty intense, and it's easy to see why Robert Pattinson wanted to change his look up for the role, not only for filming purposes but to play the sort of character he needed to be to make that movie work. The blonde hair is a nice touch, though. When you are trying to hide out, changing your hair color really poorly is always the smart option...

From the looks of things Robert Pattinson has started pulling a Jim Carrey or David Letterman, and his facial hair goes a long way to hide his classic good looks. We'll have to wait and see how well he pulls off playing a more average dude (albeit one who robs banks) when Good Time gets an official post-Cannes release. For now, take a look at what is heading to theaters with our full movies release schedule.

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