Why Charlie Hunnam And Robert Pattinson Did Not Have Fun On The Set Of The Lost City Of Z

Lost City of Z Robert Pattinson and Charlie Hunnam

Releasing in select theaters this weekend, The Lost City of Z is based on the true story of an explorer who went searching for a fabled ancient city in the Amazon and was never heard from again. Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson star in the movie and suffered through one hell of a production as they filmed in real-life jungles and personally felt the struggles of their 20th-century counterparts. British explorers weren't beefcakes, so the two of them had to go on crazy small diets, which didn't make them the friendliest people, according to Hunnam.

I don't think I was too much fun to be around.

Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson (as well as Tom Holland and Sienna Miller) star in The Lost City of Z, which never promised to be the easiest production in history. Much of the film takes place in the great wilderness of the jungle, which isn't exactly the most welcoming environment. Hunnam and Pattinson told Good Morning America that they each had to lose 35 lbs. in order to look like they were suffering in the jungle, which didn't take much acting because they were actually suffering. Their diet didn't allow them to eat much at all and coupled with the humidity and the threat of tiny critters, made the two of them understandably irritable. As Hunnam put it above, it wasn't too fun.

Robert Pattinson had to agree with that, as the two of them weren't always in the best of moods. Most of their conversations involved quick talk about what food they had just eaten and if the other had managed to sneak anything.

The main conversation was us saying like, 'Did you eat a second egg this morning?

Charlie Hunnam jokingly followed that comment by saying the two of them would often exchange suspicious glances at each other, wondering about that second egg. That hunger would certainly explain their behavior towards each other on set. Hunnam said in an earlier interview that the two of them didn't do much bonding during filmmaking, and it's pretty east to see why. Ravenous hunger in a jungle environment isn't always the best place to breed new friendships.

The Lost City of Z is written and directed by James Gray and follows the true story of Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), a British explorer of the 20th-century. In a quest to repair his disgraced family name, Fawcett obsesses over the course of several years to find on an ancient city that he believes exists in the depths of the Amazon. Fawcett, along with his friend (Robert Pattinson) and son (Tom Holland), embarks on one final trek into the jungle to find his lost city.

The Lost City of Z is playing in select theaters and opens this weekend. Take a look at what else is coming with our full movies schedule.

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