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This Fan Made Harry Potter Film Looks Amazing, Watch The Trailer

Fans of a franchise love to let their imaginations run wild, making fan-fiction entries that cover corners of the series' lore that the source material may not have touched previously. Voldemort: Origins of the Heir is one such series, and its focus is pretty simple: it's going to tell the tale of Tom Marvolo Riddle's path to ultimate evil. You can watch the beginnings of his descent, below.

Tryangle Films, the company behind Voldemort: Origins of the Heir, may not be the first Harry Potter flavored fan series, but it's certainly one of the most ambitious. Through the character Grisha McLaggen, heir to the house of Gryffindor, the project looks to explore both previously noted events in the Harry Potter series of books, as well as fill in some gaps in the origins of Tom Riddle's evolution into the most evil figure in the wizarding world. From the looks of the short teaser above, it looks like this well crafted prequel is going to be a personal vendetta of magical proportions.

What's also interesting is the potential overlap of approaches between the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them franchise and Voldemort: Origins of the Heir. Considering the officially sanctioned prequel series is currently developing in the same plot circles, and even shares the character of Gellert Grindelwald, there's more than likely a potential of conflicting directives. For now though, the David Yates directed and J.K. Rowling scripted series has not explicitly mentioned how or if it'll handle the character of Tom Riddle, but it really seems like only a matter of time.

Of course, a common pitfall of such a production is legal action based out of the studio that owns the intellectual property being unofficially visited, as we've seen recently in Paramount's tumultuous handling of the Star Trek fan film, Axanar. Thankfully, any copyright action by Warner Bros. isn't a worry of Voldemort: Origins of the Heir, as the studio already engaged in some wrangling with Tryangle Films and came out the victor by being a fan made, nonprofit project. Ultimately, an accord was reached, and the project was allowed to continue with its production. So while this series may clash with the official canon, it'll be allowed to do so as an interesting re-imagining of events we haven't seen yet.

If this goes well, the powers that be behind the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them films just might take some pointers from the fan reaction to this series' finished product. It's a possibility that could play out pretty soon, as Voldemort: Origins of the Heir looks to weave a spell of prequelicious magic this fall on YouTube. Meanwhile, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 2 will go into production this summer, for a November 16, 2018 release date.

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