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The original Jurassic Park trilogy maintained the header Jurassic Park through parts two and three, sometimes adding a subhead (in The Lost World), and other times just leaning on the slash marks of a ferocious beast. We don't yet know what route J.A. Bayona will take with his sequel to Jurassic World, but this logo made the rounds recently, giving us a hint -- though we're not sure that we're buying it.

So, do you think that Jurassic World's sequel will be called Jurassic World 2? Or Jurassic World II, if we're being accurate? Because I sure don't, and I'll be disappointed if they go that route. Because it's lazy, and they have a real opportunity to reinvent the series each time out by either increasing, decreasing or shifting altogether the scope of the story as told in the title. Moving from Park to World was a bold new step. Take another bold step with the new title, J.A. Bayona! Just keep the word Jurassic, and move from there.

The rumor going around following the sharing of this logo by Jurassic Outpost is that it's temporary, created for the benefit of a wrap party that took place in London, where the sequel has been shooting for weeks. The next step for Jurassic World 2, which we'll call it for now (until we know otherwise), is a location shoot in Hawaii -- where the franchise calls home due to previous shoots. Other tweets state that the action is shifting locales, and even though we don't yet know the plot of Bayona's movie, filming scenes in a jungle setting makes all the sense in the... ahem, World.

Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic World was a smash hit, bringing Universal's dinosaur franchise roaring back to life by building it around a new theme park and a pair of exciting leads in Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The movie went on to earn a staggering $1.6 billion worldwide. The sequel has big shoes to fill, though it made a huge casting move when it brought Jeff Goldblum back into the fold. His infamous character, Dr. Ian Malcolm, hasn't appeared in a Jurassic film since the second one, but as he says, life... uh, finds a way.

Along with this logo and wrap party news, reports are circulating that a teaser trailer for Jurassic World 2 could be landing soon. The movie hits theaters on June 22, 2018, so maybe a clip will surface on June 22 of this year, alerting audiences that they only have one year left to wait? If that happens, we'll probably get the real title then. Or confirmation that they are going with this disappointing option.

What will Jurassic World's sequel be called?

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