The Aww-Inducing Text Hayley Atwell Got From Chris Evans On The Set Of Captain America: Civil War

Hayley Atwell Peggy Carter

Few non-superhero characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have ever managed to resonate with audiences quite like Peggy Carter. Hayley Atwell portrayed the heroine with strength and earnestness seldom seen in any comic book franchise, and Ms. Carter handily turned into one of the coolest on-screen heroes of the last few years as a result. As it turns out, while Atwell didn't officially show up during the events of Captain America: Civil War, she did receive a heartfelt text from Chris Evans the day they filmed Peggy's death scene. Evans' text specifically said:

I'm so sad today. You just died.

It's blunt, but undeniably sweet, not to mention a text that you would never want to receive on your own phone. The death of Peggy Carter easily stands out as one of the most emotional moments in Captain America: Civil War because of every other Marvel project that leads up to it. The star-crossed romance between Steve Rogers and Peggy has always felt like one of the boldest creative choices in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Marvel's willingness to actually kill her was nothing less than a gut punch for fans and Marvel insiders alike. The scene clearly made an impact on Chris Evans, and the text Hayley Atwell shared (via Moviepilot) during a recent appearance at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in London really sells the connection that the two developed on and off the silver screen.

Of course, the decision to kill Peggy was made even harder for fans because of the untimely cancellation of her solo series. Despite its rabid fanbase, Agent Carter consistently struggled to maintain ratings throughout most of its run, and ABC unceremoniously gave it the axe last year. Fans have clamored for a continuation of her story, but for now, it looks like Peggy Carter's funeral may be the last we will see of her in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unless Thanos' use of the Infinity Gauntlet somehow manages to bring her back from beyond the grave, we will have to continue mourning her and her short-lived TV show.

Despite our knee-jerk emotional reaction to the death of Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's hard to deny that it was the right call for Marvel. Her death is what ultimately galvanized Steve Rogers to stand up to the United States government over the Sokovia Accords, and the events of Captain America: Civil War paved the way for his eventual relationship with Emily VanCamp's Sharon Carter. Peggy (and Hayley Atwell) is gone from the MCU, but she continues to have enormous influence over the direction of the MCU as a whole.

We will keep you posted with any other relevant updates related to the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is currently in theaters, and Captain America will make his next major appearance on the silver screen when Avengers: Infinity War debuts on May 4, 2018. Don't forget to check out our MCU schedule to see when the other movies set in this superhero universe are coming out.

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