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The Best Fan Interaction The Actress Who Played Moana Has Ever Had

Moana's Auli'i Cravalho Smiling in movie

(Image credit: Photo courtesy of Disney.)

You might not recognize Auli'i Cravalho by facial recognition alone, but if you heard her voice, you'd immediately recognize her as the powerful lead in the Disney animated film Moana. Though even if you didn't know her voice, chances are your kids would. Nowhere was this more adorably proven true than in a particularly wonderful interaction between the actor and one of her young fans, as her voice was all it took to brighten one child's day. During an AMA, Cravalho detailed this interaction in the following story:

One time I met this baby (I'd say around 3 years old) and he was crying super hard and his parents were like, 'OMG you're about to meet Moana can you please relax and take a nice picture?' AND HE DID. Like fully stopped crying and looked up at me with his face and was like, 'Moana?' And. I. Loved it.

If that's not a heaping dose of Disney magic, then frankly we're not sure what is. Of course, part of that magic is probably due to the fact that most Disney films are insanely catchy, and welcomed to repeated viewings by kids in their daily repertoire. So naturally, if your little one is watching Moana once a day, every day, they're going to know the voice that sang the Academy Award nominated "How Far I'll Go." So if anyone was doubting that Auli'i Cravalho was an officially minted Disney princess, this is living proof that yes, she is.

Much like any other Disney icon worth their salt, Auli'i Cravalho now seems like a favorite among kids for her performance in Moana, and can now add to her resume that she's beloved by a special set of parents, as she helped quell their child's cries with her good-natured presence. Then again, it seems like this sort of thing is built into the Disney corporate culture, as folks from other divisions have had similarly heartwarming interactions with children. So if she continues to work with the legendary studio, Cravalho is probably going to charm even more families throughout the world, and it shows in the full transcript of her Reddit AMA, as she's pretty friendly with fans of all stripes.

It's only going to get easier for the young star to do so, as Moana is not only already on home video, it's about to head to Netflix for a streaming run. This is likely only going to increase the popularity of the film, and while there's no sequel planned just yet, Cravalho has gone on record as hoping that such an enterprise will be in the offing in the future. So by time a hypothetical Moana 2 gets off the ground, the young actor's fan base has the potential to grow exponentially before its release.

Moana is currently available on Digital HD, Blu-ray, and DVD, with the film heading to Netflix during the month of June.

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