Warning: spoilers ahead for Wonder Woman. Read ahead at your own risk!

Looking back, it's almost impossible to imagine how Wonder Woman seemed like a gamble. Patty Jenkins' origin story for Diana Prince has released to immense fanfare, and audiences are already clamoring for more. The DCEU was not in the best place following the releases of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, but now there's a shining beacon of hope pointing to the future.

With that in mind, let's make one thing clear: with Wonder Woman's near-universal acclaim, and its strong box office projections, a sequel is almost certainly going to happen. However, while the Wonder Woman franchise is standing firmly on two feet, it will need to fix one major element going into Wonder Woman 2, and that's its villains. Ludendorff (Danny Huston), Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya), and Ares (David Thewlis) were fine, but there's more potential here than you think. To make sense of that idea, we have gone through the DC mythology to pick out nine distinct villains who could make perfect threats in the eventual sequel. On that note, let's get started with Diana's (literally) biggest foe.


Giganta is one of the most bizarre Wonder Woman villains in the entire pantheon of DC Comics (which is seriously saying something), but we think Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot could do some serious work with the character. As her name suggests, Giganta is a metahuman capable of increasing her physical size (and strength) to superhuman proportions. However, the tradeoff is that she loses intelligence as she gains mass. Giganta has also been depicted as a villain of Ray "The ATOM" Palmer over the years, which means she could potentially pave the way for a silver screen version of the brilliant scientist/endlessly cool shrinking hero as well.

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