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Wonder Woman flying into battle

With Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman now in theaters, it appears that the DC Extended Universe has finally found its first critical success. The origin story fleshes out Gal Gadot's Diana Prince from the character we met in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, while utilizing a unique setting and allowing audiences to truly connect with the Amazonian princess. The hardcore DC fandom is thrilled to see Wonder Woman translated into live-action, although some of her comic book abilities weren't present in the film. Notably, her ability to fly. So will Wonder Woman be able to take to the skies alongside Superman in a future DCEU installment?

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently spoke to the good folks at Collider about the future of the character. When asked if we'd be able to see Diana take flight in a future installment, Jenkins said:

I think that what we realized in the course of this movie is that there are ways you can manipulate your powers to do all kinds of things. I see her learning to use her powers progressively throughout the movie and I'm building to her having greater powers as she goes on.

Well, this is certainly hopeful. While we haven't seen Wonder Woman fly in the DCEU, Patty Jenkins seems to believe it's a strong possibility for a future film. Now we just have to see if Zack Snyder has Diana take to the skies in Justice League.

Many casual audiences may not realize that Wonder Woman typically has the power of flight. While the comics have Diana Prince fly, Lynda Carter's TV version never took flight. This is likely due to budgetary and technical issues, but led to a misconception for the character. Instead, Lynda Carter took Wonder Woman's invisible jet to travel across various locations. It was only in the animated versions of the character like Justice League Unlimited where we saw the full extent of Diana's powers. Until now.

But as the DC Extended Universe continues to grow, Patty Jenkins and the other DC directors may allow Wonder Woman to continue exploring her powers. As far as the Wonder Woman movie goes, the film was very much an origin story for the female superhero. She was still exploring her powers, and their capabilities within the world of man. But with the heroes of Earth uniting against Steppenwolf and his army of parademons, Wonder Woman may have to pull out all the stops and abilities she has in order to save the planet.

You can currently catch Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman in theaters. After seeing Diana Prince's origin story in live-action, you'll be able to see Gal Gadot once again reprise her role when Zack Snyder's Justice League hits theaters on November 18th, 2017.

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