The First American Made Trailer Has Tom Cruise Flying Planes Again

Tom Cruise is about to see a major summer movie open, but now we have our first look at what he'll do after The Mummy, and it looks amazing. American Made will see Tom Cruise take on the role of a real-life person named Barry Seal, formerly a drug trafficker, Seal goes to work for the CIA as an informant. The first trailer is now here and it shows that while this movie might not exactly be Top Gun, it will still haven plenty of action with Tom Crusie flying planes. Check it out.

Tom Cruise isn't exactly playing a hero in his next movie, but it sure looks like he's playing something fun. We meet Cruise's character at the beginning of the trailer running from the DEA and escaping on a kid's bicycle, the cloud of cocaine dust is a nice touch. However, the fortunes of Barry Seal improve when he's recruited by the CIA to act as an informant and a courier. Of course, what we see him doing for the CIA doesn't exactly look like the noblest work, but then, that's a covert agency for you. It appears Barry Seal will expand his job responsibilities so that he ends up working for the people he's supposed to be informing on, while apparently still working for the feds as well.

The movie reunites Tom Crusie with his Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, and since the pair made a phenomenal science fiction film previously, we have only the highest expectations for American Made.

Originally, American Made was scheduled for release this last January, but Universal made the decision to push the release back until September. While date shifts like that can often be bad news, in this case, the studio felt that a more adult drama would fair better in the fall. It's unclear if the studio thinks American Made might be an awards contender, but even if it isn't quite that good, it certainly looks like the sort of film that moviegoers who enjoy those sorts of movies would likely want to check out.

While American Made looks like a film that will be a lot of fun, production on the project, previously titled Mena, was not. The film has had to contend with a pair of lawsuits. The first came from members of the family of the film's subject Barry Seal. One of Seal's children, who claims to be the executor of her father's estate, sued because the studio did not make a deal with her to obtain the rights to the story, instead. making the deal with other members of the family. In addition, two crew members died in a plane crash during the filming, so there is also a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of those events.

While production may have been rough, the final product certainly looks interesting.American Made flies into theaters September 29.

Dirk Libbey
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