The Adorable Advice Gal Gadot Gave The Younger Wonder Woman Actress

Wonder Woman grabbing the godkiller sword

The DC Extended Universe achieved its first major win this past weekend, as Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman hit theaters to rave reviews. Moviegoers both casual and serious have applauded the film for Diana Prince's characterization, its grounded story, and fantastic starring cast. One of the cast members who has stolen the hearts of audiences is child actress Lilly Aspell, who plays a young Diana in Act 1 of Wonder Woman. Aspell's performance alongside Robin Wright's Antiope has been applauded by critics, and now the young actress has revealed some fantastic advice that Gal Gadot gave her: if you don't love acting, don't do it.

Lilly Aspell recently spoke to THR in the wake of Wonder Woman's release. It's here that Aspell revealed Gal Gadot's honest advice to the young actress, saying:

Gal is such a wonderful person and was very helpful. I would often watch her filming and try and listen to her accent, she told me to only act if you enjoy it as it can really show in your performance, the day you don't enjoy it, you should stop. She is also very kind and down-to- earth. I'd love to be just like her when I'm older.

Doesn't this just put a smile on your face? Gal Gadot seemed to take a mentor role for her young counterpart, and her advice is sage for not only actors, but any professional.

Gal Gadot's advice that Lilly Aspell should only act for as long as she enjoys it is a truly touching statement, especially for a child actress. So often these young professionals take job after job simply because they're used to it, or because the money is contributing to their family. But this can also negatively affect their performances. Any actor who doesn't want to be on set will likely giving a poor performance, so it seems logical that they should only take the roles that would be enjoyable to play.

Young Diana and her mother

Lilly Aspell's assertion that she wants to be like Gal Gadot when she grows up is part of why Wonder Woman's solo film is such a significant moment in time. This is the first time that a female led superhero movie has hit theaters, with the exception of villain-centric stinkers like Elektra and Catwoman. Seeing a strong, powerful female kick ass and take names will help both young actors like Aspell and young women around the country feel empowered, in the way that young men look up to Superman or Batman. Gadot understands the weight of this responsibility, and certainly seems to be wielding it like a lasso of truth.

You can currently catch both Lilly Aspell and Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, as Wonder Woman is now in theaters. And we can catch Gadot reprise the role in Justice League on November 16th.

Corey Chichizola
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