I'm not ashamed to admit that I'll watch anything with a romance component. I'm not above watching both cute and horrifying takes on relationships, and I even get invested in the Hallmark variety of rom coms that wrap their stories up with a tidy bow every Christmas season. That said, after years of big screen moves with tidy plots and little innovation, we're getting fewer straight-up rom coms and more intriguing and sometimes weird movies in the genre. Following the adorable release of Everything, Everything and even the recent Wonder Woman superhero flick that had a romance component, we wondered what else is coming up. Without further ado, here's what other romantic flicks you can look forward to over the next several months.

My Cousin Rachel

A romantic thriller, My Cousin Rachel stars Rachel Weisz and Sam Claflin in an unlikely romance about a young man who doesn't totally get women. It's certainly not your typical meet-cute, but it is one that should leave the audience with goosebumps.

When's It Out: June 9

The Beguiled

Also not your traditional romance, The Beguiled has a southern, Civil War era setting and prominently features some residents of a boarding school. After a wounded Yankee soldier arrives, plenty of sexual tension comes up. It's glorious Gothic melodrama.

When's it out: June 23

The Big Sick

The first romantic comedy on this list, The Big Sick stars and was written by Silicon Valley's Kumail Nanjiani. It's based on his real-life story of courting his wife, and the issues his Muslim family had with dating an American lady.

When's It Out: June 23

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