The Badass Marvel Character Bella Thorne Is Dying To Play

Marvel movies, whether they’re directly at Marvel Studios or at 20th Century Fox, are at the height of their popularity right now, meaning that a lot of actors want in on the superhero action. This includes The Duff actress Bella Thorne, but she’s not looking for just any role when it comes to these movies. She wants to follow in Ryan Reynolds’ footsteps as Deadpool…sort of.

While plugging her latest project, the Rachet & Clank movie, Thorne told Moviefone that she’s eager to score a Marvel movie role as someone who’s like a female version of Deadpool. She said:

I’d be so down to play like a badass Marvel character. Any type of badass female in live-action, like Cora is in this movie. I also like playing roles that are very rebellious and real. So it's good when you really show teenagers for how they actually act and how they actually talk. … Honestly, if I could just play a female version of "Deadpool" -- any character that's a female version of Deadpool -- I'm so down!

Well, lucky for you, Bella Thorne, there happens to be a female version of Deadpool, who is appropriately named Lady Deadpool. Wanda Wilson hails from Earth-3010, and like Wade Wilson from the main Marvel continuity, she has a healing factor, badass fighting skills and a mouth that won’t stop dropping quips. In the comics, she also later became one of the members of the Deadpool Corps, a group filled with Deadpools from around the Marvel multiverse. Forming a group that big for the movies might be too difficult to pull off, but if Bella Thorne’s Lady Deadpool ever crossed paths with Ryan Reynolds’ version of the Merc with the Mouth, he’d finally have someone who could keep up with his level of annoyance.

Lady Deadpool

Unfortunately for Thorne, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld tweeted today that the chances of seeing Lady Deadpool on the big screen are unlikely anytime soon.

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Although the next Deadpool movie is introducing Wade Wilson’s metal-armed mutant partner from the future, Cable, director Tim Miller has said before that they’re not trying to make the sequel feel "bigger" than its predecessor. So unless Lady Deadpool is changed so that she lives in the main X-Men movie universe, she could only be thrown in much later down the line, like in Deadpool 4 or 5. By that time, maybe Deadpool’s shenanigans will have expanded to traveling to other universes.

It’s too soon to tell whether we’ll ever see Lady Deadpool in a movie, but fans can look forward to good ol’ Wade Wilson returning in Deadpool 2, which has yet to be put in an official release date.

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