Final Spider-Man NBA Spot Has Tony Stark And A Different MJ

Next month, longtime comic book fans and casual moviegoers will flock to theaters to see Spider-Man and The Vulture battle in Spider-Man: Homecoming. But over the last two weeks, TV viewers have been watching Tom Holland's Peter Parker get caught up in a different kind of adventure, as he's been using his web-slinging abilities during the NBA Finals. Now the conclusion of this four-part epic (that might be too strong a word) has been released during tonight's Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers game, and it shows Peter meeting an MJ you wouldn't normally associate with the Spider-Man mythos.

In case you haven't been keeping track of the Spider-Man: Homecoming NBA TV spots, Peter Parker was invited to Tony Stark's NBA Finals party, but Happy Hogan tasked him with buying snacks for Tim Duncan. After foiling a robbery witnessed by Stan Lee, Spidey made it to the convenience store and briefly chatted with DJ Khaled before purchasing the "basic fundamental" that is Classic Saltine Crackers. In this last TV spot, titled "The Party," Peter makes it back to Stark's penthouse, and within seconds he spots MJ. No, not Mary Jane Watson. It's Magic Johnson, who had been talking with ESPN SportsCenter's Cari Champion.

The Lakers legend directs the teen to where Tim Duncan is sitting, and upon delivering the crackers to the former San Antonio Spurs player, Peter's now free to enjoy the game. There's just one problem: Tony Stark isn't at the party. He went to watch the basketball game in person, and has no problem rubbing it in that he's court side while on camera. At least the chyron saying "Genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist" is appropriate.

Well, folks, that's the end of this particular tale. Despite not getting to spend the quality time with his superhero mentor, Peter Parker still met two of the most famous basketball players ever and got to watch the one of the NBA Finals games in a sleek setting. Considering that he normally spends his non-crimefighting time at high school, studying or hanging out around his buddy Ned, this was a pretty good way to spend the night, delays and forgetting to bring back Happy Hogan's change aside. He should relish this while he can, because in just a couple weeks, Spider-Man will have to deal with a gang armed with advanced weaponry, whose members include The Vulture (the group's leader), The Tinkerer and The Shocker.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, and don't forget to check out what other Marvel movies are being released in the near future.

Adam Holmes
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