Blues Brothers Director John Landis Just Went Off About The MCU

john landis in spider-man 2

Despite the fact that superhero movies have dominated box offices for several years now, the genre isn't for everyone, and even fans of superhero clicks may not like all of the movies that come out within the genre. And some of the people who don't dig superhero movies are pretty open about it. Recently, director John Landis--most known for hits like The Blues Brothers and Coming To America--avidly explained why he really isn't interested in Marvel films any longer. He bluntly said:

I'm just... truthfully, I'm bored shitless with the Marvel Universe now. All the superhero movies tend to be interchangeable, you always have these mass destruction of cities and huge computer-generated extravaganzas to the point where you could take a reel from any of the Marvel superhero movies and put it any of the others and nobody would notice. They're very well-made, it's just they're the same thing over and over again. But, I don't know, people are showing up.

Feeling "bored shitless" is a pretty strong sentiment, but maybe it's not so strange coming from John Landis. The man has dabbled in a ton of genres. There are comedies like the ones we listed in this intro, and he is also the man behind Michael Jackson's Thriller, a Don Rickles documentary, a few episodes of Psych, and even some Disney Anniversary specials. He's a person who dabbles, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that he's not really interested in the world of Marvel movies, which have different settings and characters but are often cut from the same cloth.

Although John Landis might not really be a Marvel fan, he says there is at least one superhero movie that has done it right: Wonder Woman. And why? Namely because director Patty Jenkins didn't take it upon herself to cause catastrophic damage on a citywide scale. Landis also told

One of the reasons Wonder Woman has been received so well by the critics is that it doesn't destroy cities! (laughs) Even the superhero stuff is on a very human scale, it's the gods! We're not seeing skyscrapers tumbling!

Landis really seemed to have liked the latest DC entry compared to what Marvel is doing, also gushing on about Gal Gadot and noting she "really sold" the character. And while other DC movies have also fallen into the category of flicks that "destroy cities," Wonder Woman doesn't do that on such a wide scale. (Although--minor spoiler--there is that part where that small village is destroyed by gas.) So, perhaps it's not all superhero movies he hates, especially since he notably popped up in Sony's Spider-Man 2 back in 2004.

Other famous directors and people in the movie industry have not been super excited about working on a superhero movie in the past. We've heard Michael Bay say superhero movies aren't his thing, and Roland Emmerich notably mention he hates watching people run around in capes. Suffice to say, we probably won't be hearing about them, or John Landis, directing a superhero movie soon. Although from the looks of things, if Gal Gadot is in it, Landis might come running.

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